Rock and a ” heart stent “……


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It is amazing when you know God is literally walking before you…..
About a month ago….@ a yearly physical….with Gabe’s heart attack….
We pressed for Dr. McNamara to check Rock’s heart out thoroughly….

” any symptoms ?  ”   –  ” no”…..but then a small statement from Rock..
sometimes I feel as if I have to burp…..” that is enough”
and off we went…. EKG – Stress Test –  Dr. Anike…….GOD.

Next day…. 70 – 80 % blockage……Stent..
Rock – not a main artery –  70 – 80 % –  outflow = 49%
Gabe –  main artery – upper left – 100% – out flow =  40 – 45%
Chad – hole in heart – blood leakage – open heart surgery –  cont. complications


Again with each one :   ” GOD CHOSE MERCY   “?

” and they will know that I AM GOD…”

we walk in confidence that HE who started a good work in you
will complete until the day of JESUS CHRIST. amen.

We just praise the LORD
We lift our hands and say….
YOU are God, there is NO ONE like YOU……

Thank YOU, Jesus !

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God is awsome God. Remember when Norm was 90% blocked in widow maker 70 & 80% blocked in three others, had quad by pass, we didn’t have a clue, had indent, didn’t have attack, we had Dr. Anike, Norm pressed for stress test because of family heart problems, plus the yrs. of diabetis. You are all so blessed, so are we. God is Good.

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