…..Rock Taviano # 59 !


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59 ? Rock Taviano ?
I was 12
He was 14…..

That is when we met…you do the math.
I have seen 47 of his birthdays…
Seen him be 90 lbs and 5′ 2 ” as a Frosh.
Seen him be 16 and no license because his
Mom and Dad had 10 other children.
Seen him work for 1.14 hour and
buy himself a 69′ Mustang…( oh yeah )
buy his Mother a car she needed badly…
( never to get repaid ~ nor did he ask )
Seen him get kicked out of MANY a GAME…
Dare people to run on him from Left FIELD…
** NO WAY = OUT !
Seen him work and work…. and give his
2 sons their cars….
In working , the only thing today – he would change
the only thing he would change of his own life…
” to spend more time with Gabe and Tug ”
I have….
Seen him cry at his Mother’s death
his brother’s death
his Dad’s death
seen him be a “cricket legs Grandpa ”
seen him cut wood for 37 years to heat our house
seen him grow from wondering about JESUS CHRIST….

I am so in awe…. of our LORD…
in Rock Lin Taviano….
That I have never wondered …
” why he was born ”
” For I know the plans I have for you ( Rock )
plans to prosper you and not to harm you ” …

I have seen him…relinquish OUR LIVES
unto the LORD….” give HIM our lives ~ together ”

Thank YOU JESUS Christ
for birthing Rock Taviano
Physically into our lives
and Spiritually into our lives.

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Awesome. Happy birthday, Rock! 🙂

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