….Samaritan Sunday….in Liyavo, Africa


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**  last nite first….the goat was not brought in, a boy brought some of the
animals in…but not the one goat, it chased itself in a circle…and its neck
got wrapped  and it died….it is now legs up in a 5 gallon bucket…waiting for
SUPPER……( thot I would share the wealth)
** Rock Laban has malaria, jus taken to a Muslim clinic…meds….Gloria, meds..
they are back,   day 5 of  their sickness….cont. Prayers…thanx !
Samaritan Sunday :
Florence shared her testimony –  I was backslidden, my child got sick and I took
it to a witch doctor, they gave me a white chicken, but my son still fainted and
was sick.  The chicken left and was gone.  I talked to God to forgive me for turning
to something evil instead of You .  I took my boy to the hospital.
  I only had 1oo shillings ( little over 1.00)  He had Typhoid…..at the hospital they told me
to bring himback to Kitale, because I had no shillings to pay.  Went to another clinic ..met
with a nurse who knew Jesus.  she gave 1,200 shillings and told me to stay there with my boy.
She took care of him and his medicine..my boy fainted, the nurse stayed with him and he was
healed.   God is God     I went away from there …..I knew how to braid hair a way from only known
in Nairobi.   A salon told me I could braid there.  One lady wanted two of my braids done.   she Gave me
1,200 shillings.   I too it to the hospital and paid the nurse.  I exalted God. ….HE was there and today. 
Despite everything I will never look behind.  Because He is my Lord. I will only look forward for
He is my God.  I am here to exalt Him.

     We had church then……and afterwards, Benson asked for anyone in need to stand.
Nora, Florence, a younger guy with his “elderly, elderly Dad”…another older man.
    Then he asked for the church to bring what they had brought….like they do every last
Sunday.  Samaritan Sunday, ” never forgetting to stop on the road to meet other peoples
   Sacks of clothes, sacks of maize, sacks of ??? ,  more clothes, soap,  shillings…..
over 1,000 shillings !   
   2 young guys got saved…….that day in church, when the one came to give shillings…
the whole church just went NUTS…….. 
  Then the distributing…..4 laidies who knows…them gave, not only to the ones standing
but to who they knew needed also…
OH TO SEE THEIR FACES…..the eldest man…holding onto a cane….after all had received.
Looking in his sack ….like a child would of candy…..
   THEN WE WORSHIPPED…..the elder man….lifted his hand as high as he could
 Like 4″   …..but it was the HIGHEST 4″   I have seen to GOD……smile.

Bwana Se Fi We……..Lord we praise YOU…..

to each one of YOU, thank YOU……for ( ALONG W/ JESUS CHRIST)….
making this possible….in all seriousness….I do not take this for granted.

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Wow. Just Wow. God is awesome. Thank you for going. For taking Him to them.

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