Sat. ~ Mission to Endebess……26 SALVATIONS !


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I don’t throw numbers around…..but they are individuals that YOU have been
praying for to come to know JESUS and , and YOUR PRAYERS are being answered.
AMEN……  13 got saved last Sunday at church.

* went west to the foothills of Mt. Elgon – where 5 yrs. ago a huge war was happening.
It was good to go back to that area….. Road there –  smile….
* Slept for the 1st nite….thank YOU JESUS !
* was kind of weak yesterday so went to lay down…thot my phone, or glasses was in
    my bed….NOPE ~ ( door left open )  a CHICKEN had laid an EGG in my bed.
    It was still WARM… still makes me laugh….just one spot of chicken poop on
    my floor, pretty good for a chick in labor !  smile.
*  God is just amazing, just amazing,  the team that we are working with !
    Raising up leaders, giving Benson direction in that area.
* Dorcas sewed each Praise + Worship gal an outfit…Lilian did not have the
   shillings for one…MONDAY – material bought.
* Got the rest of the house wired….( they stood on a stack of plastic chairs to reach the
   ceiling )   Dorcas was able to COOK for the 1st time with LIGHT…” wow, Mum….it is GOD”
* Rock Laban,  ( given a BROWNS hat by Brady…Lori Brooks)  does not like to take it off
   at ALL….made Rock T.  –  smile on the phone….

Testimony :  ( mens’ day – ” who has influenced you the most ” )

Charlie our watchman –
   I’m saved, Jesus Christ is my Lord.  thank God for having saved me.  I still work out
my salvation.  He’s been a very close God.  Our Pastor Benson ….. since I met him,
he’s been a great blessing to my life.  Because he teaches the Word of God.  We are
going deeply in the Word of God.  Not many churches teach the same.  Thankn God
for Pastor Benson, who teaches the Word of Life.  Before Benson I was immature in the
Word.  Since good seeds has been planted in my life.  Those seeds will continue to grow.
I hope I plant seeds.

Have a GOD ONE !
Thanx for praying…cont. to expect MORE SALVATIONS !

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So great to read about all God did there. Had to laugh about the chicken laying an egg though! 🙂

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