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Not being much of a shopper at all…..
When I do go…I like to get something that is
“JUST FOR”  that person….one that when they
get it,  ” they know it was bought for THEM alone ”

The other thing, that after going and shopping ….
Which is an effort for me…a push for me…
I like to see them ” use their gift “….
a. to see the joy in their eyes genuinely that they
did receive it.
b. that they use what I shopped for, for them.

just being honest……

One of my favorite sayings in my own head all the time is:
” Let the REDEEMED ~ say so ”
” LET THE REDEEMED …..say so ”

Jesus Christ stepped off His Throne and walked for
33 yrs. on this earth !   Knowing what HE wanted to
purchase…and for who !

33 yrs.  and HE went through alot in that walk.
to PURCHASE the most amazing gift….just for us.
It was an undeniable effort….
our feet are sore ?
He was gouged, spit on, beaten, mocked…….

Then, what does our FACE look like daily that we
Wrapped in RED…..
Some days we don’t even use it,
Some days we forget we even have it, set it on a shelf….
Have we told anyone ourselves what we ” got ” ?
Does our face have a ” light ” about it, a gleam in our eye ?
Do we appreciate ……” full of HIS SPIRIT, FULL of HIS GRACE
” full of HIS MERCY and LOVE …Full of HIS JOY and PEACE ,
Full of HIS WORD, the Mind of CHRIST…. FULL, USING ”

“Let the REDEEMED say so ”
Let our lives say so…..” JESUS DIED FOR ME…LOOK
what I GOT with the gift of

From :  JESUS
To :  ME
From:  JESUS  ( death/ resurrection )
To : ME

John Nelson passed away this a.m.  – at Christmas Time…
John received the GREATEST GIFT…HE SEES what it gives
him completely….. what would John tell us about that gift today ?

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