SHE DIED….Operation ~ ” tomorrow “


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Jan Muresia – Namwichula…..Died Sat. Jan. 3rd.
Her literal surgery to remove her goiter – Jan. 5th, Monday.

I sat in Aug. this year with her on this grass…..
I asked her if she would like JESUS to help her to
remove her goiter. I will never forget her eyes that
stared into mine. Like, ” I can not believe….I can not
believe.” I repeated it and said…through an interpreter…
” Ask her if she would let us help her remove her
goiter.” She smiled……. ” I will talk with Benson ”
Later when all the churches came…she came in a
Grain Truck…miles to come to church, a lady walked
up…” You did not know this was my sister ” ( she was
Pastor Ronald Wamyonyi’s wife…of Namwichula)
They wanted their picture taken together……
Benson today, ” Mum, I had to pull the car off the
road for about an hour, I too…did not know what
to do. ”
It is the CORRUPTION of the Culture…..
The Dr.’s are on a ” slow strike” they rushed Jan
to the nearest hospital…she did not have breathing
issues with the goiter, she had High Blood Pressure…
The Dr.’s looked at her, seen her…..did NOTHING…
did NOTHING…. DID NOTHING. They want to force
the Govt. to increase their pay.
Why did it take us so long ? We had to find  a Dr. who
would even tackle this huge of a goiter… but he wanted to charge
us double for what it cost to get Nora’s goiter out.
So Benson had to find another…. We found the same one in
B0ngoma….and then, “full schedule, call back, not answer
phone.”   Benson, ” I got brave and prayed YOU WILL
ANSWER YOUR PHONE TODAY ” and he did….he
scheduled the surgery….
2 days too late…….. 2 days too late……
Jan had a husband and 6 children from 2 yrs… up.
It rips the core out of me…..Benson, ” Mum
we have seen deaths that should not have taken
place.”   THIS… the
” WHY”….of the completing ofTHE HOSPITAL….

please pray for us, as we seekDIVINE wisdom
to raise $ 10,000.00 to even
start just a clinic…..
3 rooms of the hospital
completed constructionally,
equipment, etc. ?
     Just please put the FIRE OF PRAYER….on this ..
      In the Name of JESUS, in the NAME OF JESUS.


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Oh no! I’m so so sorry!

So very sorry to hear this. Maybe God will somehow use her story to raise the rest of the money needed for the hospital/clinic. He is able!

har dafe ke inja ro mikhonam, che gighamn neveshte bashin o che shad, az khoondane neveshtehatoon lezzat mibaram ! yade on dafe oftadam ke injaro baste bodin khoobe ke bargashtin,dige neveshteye khoob inja kam peyda mishe:-)

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