~ something from NOTHING = GOD !


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Feel so deeply today….
For the ones in Africa…
For the ones reading this ….

GOD, GOD, GOD….wants us to give Him a pot.

John 2 : 3
” …when the wine was gone ”

1. When we come to the end of ourselves…
When there is nothing left….
When you keep hitting “0 ”  in an area….. ?

2.  When we enter into our day…..
Nothing of SELF….offering an ” EMPTY POT ”
Enjoying going into it genuine in “nothing mode ”

vs. 5 – ”  DO WHAT EVER HE TELLS YOU…..”

1.   We have to listen….
We have to desire to literally talk and hear God….
We have to ” coached ”
OHIO STATE – LISTENED to Urban Meyers….
They knew, listen , work , Champions

2.  are we “coachable ” from GOD…..
Talk about a LIFE COACH ?

3.  Believe God will tell us what to do…..anticipate it…
Look only for HIM telling and then MOVE…
No hesitation…Ezekiel on Ohio State?   ( pocket= move)

4.  vs 9 ”  the master of the banquet TASTED the water that
had been TURNED INTO WINE “……

Our lives should be in the TASTING…the LIVING OUT..
The total…..living in ” the Wine Cellar”  mode….taste it.

5.  WHERE YOU ARE AT NOW….  30 something
40 something
50 – 60 something……
Been walking with the LORD…for a bit ?
Been waiting on the LORD….for a bit ?
Ministry been hangin’…..for a bit ?

vs. 10   …” Everyone brings out the choice wine first
and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had
too much to drink; but YOU have saved the BEST TILL NOW .”

Till NOW
Till NOW
Till NOW……. in the name of JESUS….TILL NOW !

and now I pray oh GOD…..
YOU are God, we offer our empty pot, heart, life to YOU
and we ask for Miracles, in Tracy, in each life here….

vs. 25  ” He did not need man’s testimony about MAN
for he knew what was in a man ”

we need to come to you in nothing….of who WE ARE….
oh God, but YOU fill us full, of YOU,
God YOU turn us into WINE….and let others see
TASTE it !

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Amen. Love the football analogy. Really brings it home. Thank you. 🙂

Thank you to the Father in heaven for his many diiferent blessing in life to provide us in to joy and be content in feeling with the Holy Spirit with us to be our gifts and quard us and helping us to be glory for God daily,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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