Sometimes what happens to us ~


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Sometimes when things happen to us that is deep…
Sometimes when things happen to us that forces our change….
Sometimes when things happen to us that hurt…..

Again, from the book ~ ” Between the Lines ”



It wasn’t as much about Jacob 
as it was JOSEPH.

” God changed Jacob so he could get HIS Joseph ”

He went on to discuss the outcome of Jacobs 3 other
children and how they turned out….and how GOD needed
a ” different parent”  for Joseph to be Joseph…

The way Jacob was fathering was not producing godly
children….  Joseph was 4 yrs. old …( still formative ) .

The brothers were raised by Jacob
Joseph was raised by Israel

(his name changed/his character too )

Because of it so were his children…….

Our trials as though they are happening to US….
Maybe it just ain’t all about ME….
Maybe it is about the cherished little ones around us ?
Maybe it is for the KINGDOM to come ?

In all of it, may I be pliable,  may I change,
may I have a desire to listen, hear, change and
develop a deep true person about HIM….
so they will too !

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Good word. Thanks. Since I don’t have little ones around me every day, I think this can also apply to how I act and react at work, which is my mission field. I am struggling with a friend leaving Friday that has helped me handle the teenage antics of an immature girl I have to work with, who I know is not a believer. Once my friend is gone, it’s going to be up to me to check my behavior and love her like Jesus does, no matter how much she drives me crazy. I have been a very poor witness so far, and I know this is something that has to change. My friend leaving will force me to rely only on God and not turn to her first.

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