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There are many things that go on in peoples lives ….
I could make a list of people right now ….
That “bad things” ~ deep trials are their lives, ” right now ” !
The whole why does bad things happen to GOOD PEOPLE ?

Charles Dupree once, in his amazing preaching….
Took his wallet out and slid it a crossed an imaginary desk.
” It goes across God’s desk, but does not come from Him ”

Reading today : 1 Samuel 18:10
” The next day an evil spirit from God came forcefully
upon Saul. ”
The Word of God….
In complete desire to “have understanding in the
Spiritual to spiritual….God show me !

Notes in Bible :
” Evil spirits are subject to God’s control and operate
only within divinely determined boundaries

2 Samuel 24: 1
” Again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel,
he incited David against them saying, ” Go take a census
of Israel and Judah.”

* the outcome, the end result is going to get accomplished …

1 Chron. 21: 1
” Satan rose up against Israel and incited David
to take a census of Israel

We have to sit back in the chair of GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY….
We can look back on our own lives and “in the midst”
of deep – deep things,
see how GOD got us to where we are at.
At the point of trial…..the deepest part
We know it is the attack of satan….
At the other end of the rainbow…
We see the preparation of God, thru it.

The ” yea though I walk TRHU the valley of death…

The spiritual character of FAITH…
OUR FAITH MUSCLE is being built….
for the TESTIMONY of HOW sovereign our GOD is !

Jesus Christ with HIS own death and resurrection showed…

The lesson of reliance on the Sovereignty of GOD
Our feet on this earth…..
” and they will KNOW that I am GOD ”

All I know…. is that I want to live and breathe
Reliance on God alone,
Evil spirits are truly under God’s control
the ones that followed satan from Heaven
satan himself
the divine ones that are in Heaven with God
The Holy Spirit in us….
all are under and with God, as God !

For those that are in the valley right now
For those of us that have walked thru a valley

HE IS GOD….past- present – future !

Rallying around those that are,”in” the valley….
HE is GOD…..right now….HE IS GOD !

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Thank you, I so needed this, this morning! As you know, growing up, wasn’t taught much about evil spirits and still don’t understand a whole lot except they are real. Talk about God, His sovereignty in the timing of this for me is unbelievable. Thank you for sharing. Praising Him: “he that is in me is greater than He that is in the world”. 🙂

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