…….taken down…but not destroyed…..


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Houston –
“Town Day is cancelled due to illness…..”
Seriously, it felt like  the day before Christmas Break…
and school is cancelled due to snow.

Deb K. + I was just a “bit” under the weather…
Sunday Nite to about in the afternoon…..trashed.
But God is God….and the day turned out to be GREAT….

Deb had people come for her Worship Workshop…
We had a GREAT devo time….at night ,
Which God set the stage for the future…..
We have truly given each day unto the LORD…
So if one is down,  we just go with it…
and let God be God…

2 Muzungu Men, were spotted up near the road…
“BENSON…are these Muzungu’s ”   and everyone came
like we were looking at deer….lol
Here they came walking back to the house…..a first…

They were from S.Carolina , one even lived in Dayton for a  long time.
Six years ago, one came on a mission trip…..etc.
Seen an orphanage a bit up  the road….The ones that ran it pulled out
He and his wife took it over….and the rest is history…..
They are both engineers….putting in wells w/ Water Missions, Charleston
They have a computer lab for the children….etc.

We just was so thankful, that the LORD , the LORD takes care of
His children…..the peace, the excitement and joy of what each other
is doing…and talked how God spoke to each of us to do it.

This world is BIG, yet small
This world we are in, yet it is Gods’
   and we are to listen and to obey our own calling
   and help those that work beside us !

We talked of how we can help each other out !
One looked exactly like Jay Smith……..

On to today !

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Hope you are feeling better. Praise The Lord for His continued faithfulness. Praying for you.

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