” Taktifu Biblia ”


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 260…… Little Construction Paper  – Taktifu Biblias are now to be made ! 

Temple Christian Students are going have the opportunity
   to place a ” HOLY BIBLE ”  in the hands of an individual in Kenya.

I am truly excited about the impact this will have …
  both on the students
  & the individual that will be able to have their own BIBLE to read.

The cost of a Swahili Bible is $ 8.00
We purchase them in Kenya ~ via shipping , etc.
Weds. a.m. each student will receive a black construction paper Bible
With an envelope on the back to insert :
     a.  Money for a  Taktifu Biblia
     b.  A place to write a note that will go in their Bible to their individual person !

The faces on the people in Matisi, when they receive a BIBLE…
   is greater than a win of a Super Bowl Game !
They hold on to it dearer than a Super Bowl Trophy…..
And it definately will stay with them for eternity !

II Tim. 3: 16
    ” All Scripture is GOD BREATHED and is useful for teaching,
rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. ”

How can we truly get into AFRICA ?
How can we truly make a difference ?
     What these students will be doing is just that…

Thank YOU, each family, student, individual that gives to
further  THE KINGDOM OF GOD !       THANK  YOU !

For the Birthday gift !  Thank YOU !

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