~~ Tanner Turns ~ ” ONE “


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Have a testimony right beside me….
But just going to ” wing ” the day ….

They didn’t want us to come to the prison til 2:00
Joseph Miner gave his testimony – he was in there !
Evans – competes in Kenya in “dance” …
so he gave it to them….
Benson sang 2 of his songs….
127 salvations….
Soap and Toilet paper distributed..and a BIG THANK YOU….
clap 1 – 2 Clap 1- 2 – 3 …waving of hands…
for the MATTRESSES @ CHRISTMAS !!! (thank YOU for giving ) !
* they don’t even check our bags anymore when we enter the prison !

Picked up Dorcas and kids at Violet’s ( Benson’s sister )
Who was rushed to hospital the other night…
( Dr. gave her bad/wrong/outdated medicine )
It was serious!
Her home about a 9 x 6 room….humbling !

Off to Khetia ( Walmart/ Gigamart )
Bought a cake, food to cook..
Stopped and bought meat, hanging in 80 degree weather !

Home to women waiting on their CHICKENS !
* Thanx Shelly ! smile
gave 30 chickens away ! ** big, very big to them…

Dorcas’ request, “Mum the one with the white on potato’s”
Gravy bread, mash potato’s, fried steak.. and fried cabbage !
They smile so BIG….

Tanner’s Birthday Party….
Cake + 1 candle..
Box w/ diapers, truck, oreos, cheto’s…etc.
They sang, we all smiled…and enjoyed

Christ ALONE !
Thanx for praying !

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I’m guessing Tanner is named after your other Tanner? 🙂 so many souls in the kingdom as a result of Unreigned Ministries Africa! To God be the glory! Have a safe trip home. Sleep well! 🙂

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