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The School on this land….170 students….
8 Teachers….

We have an open forum meeting to lay things out on the table:

What do you like about your job ?
Elvis ~ I like to interact with the kids
There is peace in my job
They are available to listen to us ( Benson + Dorcas )
We asked for books…they are coming.
The children listen
Lilian ~ to let the children know about God
Happy about teachers are united
They work with whole heart
The children respect and are disciplined
The break time they have balls and do not sit idle.
Gilbert – Armed security..lives on this land
I have not had any trouble
It is a place where God is, that is why I am careful
about my work, It is not a playground.
Masoap – watches over animals
I thank God for my work, I like the people I work with
The Lord gives me strength to do it.
Eric – Teacher – I love the way the children respond to the Teachers
It is a place where someone can be corrected ( teachers )
Our Pastor is here, we can be corrected and not just left
to go. In life you have to always be willing to be corrected
all the time. It will not be left undone.
Josephine – ( new hire ) Benson’s Assistant ! much needed !
I love working with kids
The things instilled in me when I was little. If you want
a child to love Jesus. If you want a child to grow..teach
them Jesus when they are little.
Joyce – The management of the school. Alot of respect.
The corrections if we go astray, we are corrected by
management and other teachers.
The children know about God and they respect. I am happy
I hear the voice of God.
Violet – The people and children know and is about God.
The children have a higher respect. The teachers
we respect each other. The higher management
respects and is good.

What don’t you like :

Toilets are in bad shape
The water issue ( no rain for 3 months, lower than the well )
Other well, pump needs fixed – children have to carry their water.
Some parents have spread rumors that we are devil worshipers.
They are tricky.
Rumors…..I am here all the time, I am out at night, I have never
seen a demon. if demons come, they could come out at night to do
their demonizing…I have not come across. I have never heard
anyone say, “praise the devil” You can not call on JESUS and
the devil. They never sleep here, calling on JESUS.
Books…there is a scarcity…
Add more classes
Lunches for students and teachers.

As you can see….much being done….much is needed.
These 170 students….are thrilled to go here.
The atmosphere is of God, we thank the LORD…
we thank the LORD to those that give….seriously !

** issues addressed, noted and on the way to being
taken care of.

Thank you for praying
Christ alone !

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God bless these sweet servants! Praying the Lord will give you the strength to finish strong in His power! Love ya!

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