Terrel Pryor – STIFF ARMS….


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If you watched O.S.U. play ….. you seen a difference in style of Q.B. .
Miami’s – just sat down when the opposition came at him.
Pryor – stiff armed the opponent twice !

James 4:6
   ” God resists the proud……
      but gives grace to the humble ”

It is neat to watch a Q.B. – stiff arm … someone.
But to think of GOD…
          “STIFF ARMING US ?”
          Resist US ?

It literally means to – “battle against us” 

BUT….HE gives grace to the humble….

   to do that …WE need to RESIST our human spirit…
                           WE need to RESIST – SELF.

Submitting humbly to the LORD….
  The cure for conflict = a humble spirit

We are to “resist the devil and he will flee from you”
     to take a stand against –  how many times to we take
    Miami’s Q.B. ‘s position and – JUST SIT DOWN……

Does he flee when we do that  ?
James 4: 7 9
   Goes on to say how we should submit to GOD
   To cleanse ourselves so much of sin that we

That takes me back to the only time I have ever felt that:
  ” when my Mom died”
Do I want to rid myself of sin, of satan that bad ?
Have I ever ?

vs. 10 = “Humble yourselves before the Lord,
and HE will lift you up.”

We/ I try so hard to get myself where God wants me to be…
That I need to spend 100% of my time –
   Just being humble before the LORD
  Resisting sin….humility….drawing near to GOD….

Think back to yesterdays game….O.S.U. – QB -Stiff arm…
  Do we want God to truly put that into our relationship…
  What a horrible – but maybe truthful – thot !

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