Testimonies from Africa 2012


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Moikut ( MOY KOOT )  ….  ” First time you seen me I was wearing prison clothes.  She blessed me
” do not get weary”  – ” blessed me with soap” ….I washed my clothes , very dirty.  Continue to
do the same ( minister to prison ) Just think she comes from the states and goes to the prison
to see me.  Those in Kitale don’t come to see me.   So, as a Christian let it be a part of you to go
see the prison and go see others.

Andrew –  Last yr.  my life was changed, mens meetings…Israel walked around the mountain
never knowing when….it is not by mighty but by Spirit you can endure.  It blessed me.
Joseph Miner – I am honorable before the Lord no matter if before man I am nothing….this is why
I still continue.

Nora-  late 80’s ?    Praise the living God…I thank God for today.  That I am here with this church.
Few years ago I had a big problem. I came to this church.  I had a goiter…very big..  In Sept. they prayed
for me. I told them I was going to have surgery. Many layed hands on me.  When I was in the
hospital many told me to run away.  For fear of surgery.  I told them when I came I came in the
Name of GOD.  I was in the hands of God.  The ones that laughed at me before the surgery did not
laugh when I came home.  They were astonished.  My children are so happy. they want to thank the
church.  I will never leave this church as for giving me the operation ( money to do so ) I greet you.

(on Tues. after womens’ meetings, here comes Nora with her daughters…and ONE BIG CHICKEN !)
to say THANK YOU….smile….. as they expressed their happiness that their MOM is still alive…
we thank JESUS….

YOU…YOU had a part in this…seriously….
This is why we do this…..for them…amen ? 

Testimonies to come….THANK YOU !

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Amen! Beautiful feet =) May the Lord be with you always!

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