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1st –  Little Rock ( here )  has Malaria.
Benson got him medicine today…which should
pull him out of it, in the next couple of days…
He is always SO SO HAPPY….beyond happy !
Yesterday we played ” who could not smile”
Today, you can’t make him smile…

Tonite – last nite of ladies ” seminar ” ( as they call it )
Salome’  Puritan – ( wife of new Pastor in our ministry )
” Young getting married alot of challenges.   They just
shaped me to be strong.  My parents died when I got
married.  I got married to a boy who’s parents got divorced
when he was young.  He never was handed school.  We
got married in a church.  My marriage – so many challenges,
that pushed us to God’s will.  He ( God ) wanted me to be
close to Him.  I lost my 1st born.  Now I have 3 kids.
My husband was very sick, if not for  God in my marriage
I would of left him.  He had epilepsy.  I started praying
and now he is well again.  Now that he is healed, he is so
anointed.  He is a singer  ( you ought to hear this man sing…
just a little guy…but oh the sincerity of his LOVE for JESUS )
I am not good, but I help him.  I am an evangelist and he is
a preacher.  He does not know how to read, but I do. I know
how to read.
Both of us have the Holy Spirit.
In intercession he is far.
God always sends someone.  We go and do His work.
Where we are staying we are there with a purpose.
Our neighbors are….Witchcraft, Witch Dr. , Sourcerer,
Night Dancer, other has a snake they do all this with.
Another cards that are not true.
His very hand is on us as Christians.  When you don’t have
faith.  We have went to them to preach the Word.  As I speak
now the next seminar we have, I will come with them.
Where we are…a girl did not walk for 5 yrs., always crawling.
Through our prayer she is walking…Bwana se fee way
16yr. old girl she was mad, she ran to everyone…walking
naked – through our prayers she is working in shop and feeding
her family.
In God’s work we are not lazy.  I ride a bicycle with my husband.
We can go far. We can go a long way for as long as we are going
for the Lord.
The bicycle brought us here.  I arrived and God gave me
Isaiah 9: 1 – 4  and Gen. 12: 1 – 6
Her husband came and stay with her,
They then sang a song together…. ” we are not just like
this here, we are like this where we are “….
and the ladies WENT NUTS…. clapping,  yelling…
and we talked how satan wants the joy of the
marriages squelched in Kenya, not seen….

This is just ONE….
What an Amazing GOD we serve….!
Thank you for your prayers…
HE is truly building an ARMY HERE.

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That’s awesome! Just read Ephesians 3:20, one of my favorite verses ever. Love hearing every day how
He’s doing immeasurably more there in Kenya. Love you. 🙂

The stories this year are even more amazing. They are so hungry…and you are feeding them with what they need. Praise God!

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