Thank YOU Shawnee Alliance !


Posted on March 22,2010 under Uncategorized

Last Friday & Sat. at Shawnee Alliance there was an amazing women’s weekend.  They allowed different ministries and vendors to put up tables.
Through their efforts and the HOLY SPIRIT….”Africa is now taken a big step towards getting the money to purchase the land !”   4 people…were spoken to by the Holy Spirit to contribute financially….and numerous others through buying of washcloths or donating in the “change Africa” barrel.  Each person is greatly appreciated, seriously !  THANK YOU ! ! ! !
    This week at Temple is our LAST WEEK…of  “Change Africa”…so Weds. I will go out, collect the change, count it..and we will see the – class winners !
( though you and I know….each student is a winner, for following the LORD)
    Tomorrow I go and pick up the T-Shirts…..
    Friday is the School wide Chapel….Giving Testimonies of how the Lord spoke to some of the students…and celebrating.
    The next week is the Pizza Parties for the winning class in Elem. / Middle School and H.S. .

    The next step is sending out my support letters to raise the rest of the “land money”…..please continue to pray for wisdom….for the favor of GOD upon this….and that in every step we please HIM ALONE, more ! 

    Again, thank YOU to Sandy Rufener, each COMITTEE individual, Kelly & April….for letting your ministry…help the children in Matisi, Kenya !

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