Thanx….Mike & Vickie Hawkins ! !


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If you plant corn… will get corn !

I am looking for Mike and Vickie Hawkins to get the desire of their hearts !
  Why ?
Well, Mike helped us last year put in a bathroom in our RIVER CABIN –
Then this year….we have been working and working and working..
to get the cabin SIDED….
    With many structural things to take care of…
   Rock would uncover – find – fix…
                            uncover – find – fix..
Mike and Vickie seen that starting in MAY….
   and yes it is Aug. 14th  – ** Happy 11th Anniversary – Tug and Angie  ** ( smile )

They seen it was starting to “wear on our summer”  – Yah THINK ? smile
   So yesterday & today….
MIKE HAWKINS  ( besides LEADING….people into the presence of GOD alone
                                        through worship)
 WAS IN HIS OWN DOMAIN !  – Carpentry…..
          In both his skils….he is following JESUS !   smile…
but seriously, the man’s  knowledge, skill…speed…
  ” Hawkeye”  – precision….just amazed Rock….

His brother in Christ….came to the rescue and Rock soooooooo
appreciated it…

Thank YOU JESUS –  Thank YOU Mike & Vickie Hawkins….. !

( VICKIE is no stranger to a hammer, no stranger to truly being
   Mike’s lifelong ” helpmate”  in his carpentry adventures ! )

I pray, I pray….our GOD who seen you give us your time
                                 our GOD who sees your heart….
YOU planted into our construction….
    BELIEVING HE ….will give you – your own !

Thanx loads !

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Those people are just awesome.

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