That I …..can even be ~


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Romans 7: 18
” For I know that in me  ( that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells”

What good dwells in me ?
I could go on forever of what is NOT good in me..
I talk about people…I have bad opinions of people…
I am not smart at all….I drag my feet on ministry….
I judge when HE is the only Judge…..
I want to recluse to be away from the ones I should
be ministering to…..
I could go on and on about, ” Janelle Taviano , flesh ”

But because of WHO is in me…..
But because of what is NOW in me…..

Covers, Cancels, Renews, Convicts, Empowers….
because of ……….JESUS CHRIST

For that reason –  ” that I can even be……..”
For that reason –  ” that I can even be……..”

That I can even be a child of God
That I can even be in the presence of JESUS CHRIST
That I can even have the Holy Spirit with me at all times
That I can enter the HOLY of HOLIES…..


Me ~ a sinner saved by HIS GRACE
~ a sinner, that HE chose to HANG ON THE CROSS
The choice to do for someone that never would or could
even enter in……without HIM ….period.

Without JESUS = nothing
Without HIS death =  still unsaved
Without HIS resurrection =  no victory

Without JESUS – kind of does away with PRIDE
kind of does away with SELF
kind of does away with anything @ all

and ” Then Came Sunday ”  – ( great song )
” I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens ME ”

The me at the end is the same sinner…
The me at the end should be so humbled, so grateful, so
overwhelmed that , that me, should be consumed….


IF we have NOTHING but our SALVATION…
we have it ALL…we have it ALL…..we have it ALL.
we have JESUS.

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Amen. Praise be to The Lord. Just got home from week at Mom and Dad’s, collapsed on my bed, exhausted in every way…and there are less than 48 hours until the exam. I am glad I had this last week with them, even though I saw things I wasn’t ready for. God knew. Listened to Beth Moore’s book on David on the way home, how he was a “man after God’s own heart”, and no matter how many times I screw it up, that’s what I want to be (not the man part, ha!) thank you for your ministry, for your prayers. Love you! He is RISEN!!!

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