The BELL ~ ” Ring it for MARILYN “


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Rock does ” many projects “……
But this one he knew….the depth of the meaning for me.

My Mom had a huge cast iron bell
that she wanted put up on the farm.
I painted it black when the boys were little.
It sat in the back of the old garage…
waiting and waiting
and waiting … be put up ~
and to be rang/rung .

She never seen it up
She never heard it ring……

It sat there and sat there.
same place….on the cement floor….
Move it once in a while and sweep around it…
put it back….and there it sat.

My Dad passed away……..
it was still there.


Rock it is UP and RUNG….
Rock cut a tree down…
Hand hewn an iron tree….
Mounted ” THE BELL ”
We got the tractor….
maneuvered it into the hole…..
cemented it in……

( went to a meeting )

Came home = OLD ROPE from the barn…..

no one around….
our woods was silent…

When Rock came in last nite…
” tomorrow your bell will be up and
you…can ” ring it for MARILYN ”

and I DID.

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Love it! How precious! 🙂

This was such a heart warming story.that must be an awesome sound to hear that bell ringing.

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It’s a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

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