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If you have ever been to a “dirt track race”….
They “wet it down”  to keep the dirt from stirring…
After a break today…with about 40 – 50 men…
attending the Mens Seminar ( they call it that )

Praise and Worship began from THEM……
Kids walked in from the dirt road, to the dirt floor…and the “DIRT WAS STIRRED ”
Have you ever been engaged in a truly God
“STIRRED” worship where the DUST FLIES ?  smile….

I brought the teaching on the Covenant of Marriage…
That Michael from TFC – had a book on…..
It was so intense that I developed a whatever to
go through with couples who are going to get Married.
I just threw it in my notebook…
The Holy Spirit told me to “get it out ”

I can not tell you….how GOD…GOD….GOD…..
GOD….KNEW.  ( thanx for praying !)
Elderly man :   Shaking my  hand….
“Many men want to walk around in their marraige here…
Not many want to sit in this……. thank you for the teaching
I have to leave now ( about dark )
I walked from a far.”

One walking me back to the house:
“On my side…..this spoke to me…
My family does not like my wife….
I have found today, that I was born into my family..
but I have a covenant with my wife,  I wish
she could hear this ”     ( I told him she will next wk. )

Fed them all, and went back in for  Q + A time….
One after the other for 2 hrs. …….done at 10:30
–  We hear of America, they set a number of yrs. to be married.
–  All the divorce questions you could think of.
–  if you are only married a week, can you get away from the
covenant and get a new marriage, was it still a covenant ?
– A lot of questions with USA – Europe….
–  Materialism –  God showed me a verse just the other day…
” why we were placed where we are….so that we may SEEK
the LORD ”    how we do, fight materialism…..and have to
fight through it to keep our hearts pure to the Lord…
Africa – fights poverty..and they have to fight through it
to seek the Lord…..  ” a true heart after God ”
It is not what we “have or don’t have ” it is ….
Who we have …and is He Lord of all ?
–  why did God ask us not to eat off the one tree ?  84 yr. old man.
–  If I am a Pastor and not married can I still marry people
–  women in Africa wear pants because it is cold,
why do women in America wear pants ?
( I asked him why he wore a shirt )  we laughed…

It was just something, the bonding, the OPENNESS…..

I asked them if they enjoyed hiding their emotions and being
so ________________ non expressive ….about every
thing :   ” if we have to hide something ( emotions)  …that means
you are pushing something down…and we do not enjoy that ”

and so the day is over.

Continued prayers for Jamie, Jonathan + Kirsten …….


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Praise The Lord for the work He is doing there! Will continue to pray that the HS will have freedom to move in the hearts of his people and draw more to himself! Love ya!

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