…The Girls that “cook for Rock”……


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Just getting finished with a ~ ” BIG POT ”
of chili and a ” BIG ROASTER ” of Lasagna….
For Rock while I am gone…..

Every year…..” the girls…..cook for Rock ”
It is so neat, so appreciated by Rock and I …
It is such a witness to the guys at Honda……
of the ” trueness of the FAMILY OF GOD “…

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to:

Chel Brockert
Linda Woodruff
Theresa Allen
Linda Allen
Vickie Hawkins
Mary Woodruff
Barb Woodruff
Lori + Chris Conrad

These ladies go at it….
Take the time and effort to cook and bake….
Then run it out here to him…..

I just thank you so much ~
It lets me leave, knowing he is still working as hard
as Rock does…..(hunting ,cutting wood,mowing, Honda )
and can come in a renew his strength !

I pray, I pray God speaks to you, blesses you and lets you
know, HE ALONE sees your heart and effort….

Rock and Janelle


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Pray your flight has gone well and continues to.
I had a card for this day that had an old church with a tall steeple on it. It said on the outside “Thoughts of You”. Inside it said, “I think of you and thank God for the friendship that we share, and I ask that He will keep you always in His loving care.” I wrote, “Getting settled, you are being prayed for! You have found your peace and freedom.” The verse for this day is, I Peter 5:7 KJV “He careth for you.”
Blessings, Jamie

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