THE HOSPITAL – Dec. 27th, 2017


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From Benson today :

The Government came to help us in The Hospital Opening today :

Location – in charge of it,
When are you starting…
On 24th they called us…have you started the Hospital ?
For we will be coming to the Hospital on the 28th. Today.
From the GOVT. officials today :
We want it to start running
We want to do some immunizations from that location
They came with their workers, 8 workers, 10 workers.
With equipment….with drugs….
They had meeting with the Govt. Officials..
They talked with Community about HEALTH
They are starting to TREAT PEOPLE…
in 2 weeks they will start the treatment
They prayed over it.
Govt. Official officials flagged them off….
So many people came for the treatment..
over 100 people…came…came.
The community needs this,
Malaria, very previlant in this area, because of Mosquito’s
if they do not go for treatment on time, women, pregnant or children, it can kill them within a few days…
Trhying to control it amongst the pregnant women and children.

Most women do not go to Hospital to deliver in hospital because they do not have the funds. So they encounter deaths in the children…. the delivery, momma macooga, mid wives….so most of them…are not experts, they can do ordinary, but when there is bleeding or the child is not in good position, it may cause the woman her life or the child’s life,
So they are pressing the Hospital should be up and running.
So many women NEED this facility to save the life of the woman and the children.
They come with , a few…products, gloves and those kind of things to deliver the babies, but they are only here for a short period of time.
Today we just spent time with them, up to 7 in the evening, we closed down….and come up to the house…..
To me, what is , like GOD has answering our prayers….we have been praying God all of this year, we are believing YOU to do a material for YOU GOD, to open this facility, and now the Govt. is coming with their workers, it is a MIRACLE…in the name of JESUS
in this area, in this community, we want to help this facility open.
The good thing they are doing….
Experts in different areas, …. sections.
They want people to train and coach , in different areas.
Pharmacist….to keep records of medicine..
They are practical in record keeping..
Trying to help us to know how it is run.
Take us from this area, to another area.
They are showing us what is to be done…
Making sure people are doing A.B.C.
It is very good,

This has never been heard,
They are using their medicine, their equipment, testing HIV,
teaching us to work with them… which management knowledge…
What to look for, what are the most important things….

They are very much excited….about how we work with them….
This is not heard of , yet GOD is making this happen…

We have been having a class and a school.
A Govt. official, is going to make sure that the road to the HOSPITAL is in very very good shape….
They are going to make catipillar, they are going to pour ____ on the road to make sure it is in good shape.

When they are about to leave, they will like to meet all that will work in hospital, to interview, and to see exactly what they do. Because they do not want to go…and something happens in behind their back which is not professional….

THIS IS AN ANSWER to prayer ! The God of BEYOND…..

This is the phone call with Benson today, in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS ~

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