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a.  Rock Laban – is better today….smiling…
running around,  thank YOU, for praying !

b.  Amos ( Aihmose) Wenane’ Simiyu -( not related to Benson )
is  a young 22 yr. old man that  during the womens’ meeting
he cooked…so the women could enjoy the meetings.
He sings on the worship team and goes to our church in Liyavo….
lives about 1/2 mile up the dirt road.
Sometimes drives a piki piki/ motorbike..
for income,  has a small store…and does manual work.
He is muscular…and quiet…..
( why I say that )   IS ….
Last years “football” / soccer tournament …
Benson , ” you remember him Mum….he was our fullback ”
OH, if you’d see him play…. he puts his body into it…he is
full throttle or nothin’ ”   we both smiled at the memory.

But today…..he came walking from the church….
with NO THROTTLE…head down….just walking.

Yesterday, his newly married wife –
Irene Simiyu…..birthed there child……in the
nearest hospital….and the Dr.’s and nurses ” did
not attend them well ” ~ ~ ~ ~  The Baby died.

I can not tell you as I  watched him walking towards
us….how I felt….the culture….the privacy of emotions…
the way they push through….in a mere “tough” mindset…
I watched as Benson took him aside to themselves…
and he talked with him….I got in the vehicle as to
respect their privacy.   He looked at me ……his eyes.
told of his heart….and the pain….
I said, ” I am sorry “…..and Benson said , ” poll eh ”

Then it is like the Holy Spirit prompted me – or I would
of never had said anything.   ” Please have him name this baby
and we will name the Maternity Ward….after this child
who is now in Heaven ”
Then as the day went…..I thot, you have to add –
( will need to get permission )  but “you will have to add
the second name  =   JUBILEE
In honor of Marla’s sister Bethany and Stewarts’ little
girl that also went to Heaven this year before getting to
live a day on earth.

” ___________ JUBILEE Maternity Ward ”

in the name of JESUS.

Please, if He brings it to your mind…
The care of Dr.’s here….in general hospitals…
They need, They need our hospital to be complete.
Thank you….for praying….


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As I have a 7 wk old niece myself, I cannot imagine. It breaks my heart when babies go to Heaven first and not here. I will pray. Will also pray for you, for strength this last week. Praise God the little boy is better. With good healthcare, kids can be very resilient. Becky Lytle had literally all day surgery today to remove the brain tumor. It was supposed to be 4 hours and was 8. But she is ok, they will know more tomorrow. I can’t imagine. So many things we take for granted…healthy births, healthy parents, until we don’t have them. I grew up spending nearly everyday in the summers at the Lytles and even though I haven’t talked to Jennifer or Kristin in years, it’s their mom…very close to home!!

Thank You for you words on our recent blog. I’d be ineteestrd in knowing your own experience with prayer to God.What is it you believe I said that may not be true? Thanks for yur input. Paul

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