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Gabe does a ” People of Faith”  interviews with amazing pictures.    blog  Trip Lee…Stanley Tam….

so…I thot I would do testimonies of the People of LIAVO…
where our church is/ land….ministry…so here is the first :

NgaNga  = Nah Nah   ( a young adult man )

Comes in dressed to the nines….white crisp shirt…cool sunglasses the whole service…
just a ” cool looking guy”   smile…

From his words giving his testimony tonite:

”  I am NgaNga…I am saved, I am redeemed
I can boast of the life and salvation God has put in me.
I want to say where I go
July 11 – the 11th hour

That day was important to me
I was in prison, jailed.

I was a robber of a group of 8
One died and was buried, One was hung….I am alive
When I was in prison I asked , why ?
Why am I still alive ?….I got to my senses….I got saved

I had 16 more months to be in jail

I was let out early…in Oct.

Through reading and studying teh Bible and believed
I had a place, I had a wife
I do not have a place or wife….
I started to teach the Word of God, but there was something still lacking…
2 other robbers got saved  ( one was there this night,his testimony to come !)
“we see you are working for God, but when we look at you, you look confused”

“I don’t know where my family is”

A friend told me about a Pastor  ( Benson ) …that I could share with him about my family
He did not know me, I told him my problems
He said, ” we are not going to pray” …..

But he said, ” I will teach you and through the Word when you believe it, it will change you”
I came back with 2 brother robbers.

Then he asked me about my family , ” I don’t know where she is”
we cont. to study the Word…

” have you not had a report from your wife?” he said….
The next day….” My wife called me”

I told the Pastor….Let’s continue to study God’s Word
Do you believe she will come back , I asked him…
He said yes….He asked me if I believed she would come back…
we prayed…
2 hrs.  I received my wife came back

I discovered the Word of God, he has really helped me
Mya friends one of hte robbers are here
We use to use guns to steal….we had money, we had lots of money…

but then we had no money, no hope
The Pastor spoke the word…”Mathew 18:18 & 19″
” What ever is bound on earth shall be bound in Heaven..
and whatsover is loosed on earth shall be loosed in Heaven”
We have authority…even over our money…

My wife is here…. ( she stood)

In season and our of seasonI am ready to do the work of God……

NgaNga….is now working on the land/ house…..Benson hired the robbers to
work for HIS KINGDOM in freedom…..

tomorrow Robber #2 ( if I get the computer….etc. )

approx. 7 got saved tonite….

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