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( sorry if this is long,  but what a day !)

As a young girl….can’t tell you why , but I loved watching prison movies….
I always wanted to be a guard or work in a prison….
I went into a prison on a tour when I was 8 mo. pregnant with Gabe…..
I got my liscense of ministry to beable to go into prisons when I wanted to…..

On Sat…..one of my favorite days in Africa….we got to ” go in “…to the PRSION….

Here they came, walking in…..their tattered, worn, ripped dingy striped outfits.
Torn sandals…or none….a few with hats….
Sitting on 5 gal. buckets, or squatting, standing back on the walls, but THERE !

Their worship team sang, a deep slow spiritual song….that touched me even if I
could not understand…it was their reverence…..

Our team –  Justus, Martine, David, Joseph Miner, Moukoot, Benson and I

Joseph Miner gave his testimony –  He spoke of Paul…( I knew that, but not that he
spoke from the same verse I would use )   2 Cor. 7:2… Paul, ” we have wronged no one”
      Joseph Miner told how he had handled every gun that went through Matisse, how
he would run from taxi’s , cops….HE was a thief….The mobs were even worse, if he
got caught by them they would put tires over his arms, fill with fuel and set on fire.
or….pour fuel into his mouth, make him swallow and light him on fire or ….shoot
him to death and the cops would thank them for helping get rid of a thief.
It was best if you were caught and put in prison at least you alive.
   He told how JESUS saved him….and the cops are his friend.

Then Moukoot –  told his testimony….but before it, he sang….smile..as only he can do.
you can not tie him down, you can not squelch the HOLY SPIRIT in  him, HE EXUDES w/
the joy of the LORD….Dressed in his purple suit jacket, navy pants, and black shined shoes..
HIS BIBLE held high, HE WAS PREACHING…..smile…HE was called Pastor in the 6 YEARS..
He served in that exact prison….smile…THEY CHANTED HIS NAME….smile…
He said, ” I will never forget what HE has done for me. ”

we could of stopped there…believe me…..  
Benson asked if they remembered my name…. they did not…
I told them,  I did not care, but I bet they have not forgotten the NAME OF JESUS…..

They clapped and clapped…..smile…
and that JESUS sent them soap this year, through our ministry…
( they have not had a bar of soap in one month )   …they do NOW….smile.

I was so jacked inside…as if it was the biggest day of my life….
I told them I could not relate, how could a white lady from America ?
   all I could, was that Rock had bought me a gun on my 16th birthday..
    all I could, was that I got liscensed to go inside prisons, because my heart is there….

I told them, lets go to someone who could relate…..how their lives are right now..
day by day in this place….PAUL…from God’s Word:
2 Cor. 7: 2
Col. 1: 22 & 23

Thru JESUS CHRIST…he could be presented Holy in His sight
                                                                                           w/out blemish
                                                                                            totally free from any accusation !

You got it, brought up Joseph Miner, Moukoot, and Justus w/ a red coat ( JESUS )

37+   accepted JESUS CHRIST as their Savior….totallly free from any, any accusation !
                                                                                                 w/out blemish
                                                                                                  Holy in His sight.

Banner Day ! 

* coming –  ” Samaritan Sunday ”   when the church here…stops on their road….
   and gives to the NEEDY….in our church….( yeah )  humbling…to watch their hearts !

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Praise God for bringing more souls to Himself!!! Thank YOU for going, for listening to His call, for obeying His voice! 🙂

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