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Have you ever had GOD ….
drop something into your soul so deep ?

James 1: 22
” Do not merely listen to the Word, and
so deceive yourselves. DO WHAT IT SAYS.”

We sit and study God’s Word
We go to Church and hear God’s Word and absorb it.
We talk about God’s Word to others all the time.
We examine God’s Word and dig into it….

God says that is GREAT…..
“Do not merely just do THAT ”

Then look at and DECEIVE YOURSELVES….
ah, that ~ THAT IS ENOUGH….

In Africa when you see someone fat,
you know that they have PLENTY OF FOOD….
Benson will never get fat, because HE GIVES
all the time to others….so that THEY have
enough to eat, so THEY are nourished.

God says, DON’T just MERELY….”Listen” to the
Word of God….. but :
” Do what it says “…….

What we read today, from HIS WORD = do it
What we hear tomorrow at Church = live it out
The deep truth God sinks in you = apply it

I want to LIVE…The Living Word of GOD ~ ” OUT ”

James 1 : 27
as PURE and FAULTLESS is this :
” TO LOOK AFTER ( ever look after a 1 yr. old ? )
to LOOK AFTER : 1. Orphans
2. Widows in their distress
3. to keep from being polluted by
the world.”

Benson and I a long time ago, said, widows and orphans
would be a deep deep burden on our ministry.
In Southern Ohio…. they will be our deep burden…

LIVE it out….
Live it out…quit spending all the time getting
fat on the Word, on Knowledge,
on discussing
and NOT LIVING IT OUT…. to hands on ~ to others….

** to KEEP from being polluted by the World.
How much TIME do we paralyze the Word of God
by being polluted by ” the World”

that means different things to each of us…
Where did your mind go for yourself…
Where is the world polluting your purity in God ?
work, career
people/ relationships
pride in ourselves, seeking what we need to be ?

Pure relationship with God = God first,
Jesus Christ first
Listen to the HOLY SPIRIT
first before others/self

“Religion that God our Father accepts…
Do not merely listen to the Word, do what it says.”

in The Name of JESUS….amen.

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