~~ ” The Source “


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The boys and Rock and I went to the
” Source of the Missippi River “…one vacation.
We walked on the rocks at, ” the Source. ”

Most people go over bridges traveling to and fro
in America…..or they live by it “down stream”
So how much is, ” the source”  really in their minds ?

Rev. 22: 1
” Then the angel showed me the RIVER OF THE
WATER OF LIFE, as clear as a crystal,
The Throne of GOD
and of the LAMB.”

The Source of everything….
The Source of what is going on in your life spiritually….
nothing in and of ourselves…
we might be crossing the bridge daily…
we might be walking over the rocks….
we might live ” by it, swim in it….”

But God alone is, ” The Source”

+  ” HE IS THE SOURCE ”   positively… realize that !

What all that you are doing, seeing happen, living…
IS FROM GOD and of the LAMB !
“flow in it ~~~  GET THE TUBE !
Jump in !  float a bit, swim,  DIVE IN !

It is deep enough !
It is UNending !

” I’ve got a River of LIFE…flowing out of me ”

Anticipate, Expect and BELIEVE…..
from that SOURCE….
Our God
The Lamb ……
the current of spiritual life is incredible….

It is not still, what is going on now…
IS MOVING by the POWER of our LORD + Savior


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