~~ ” The Tribal Line “


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If you have been with UnReined….
You know how meager we have started…..
how meager/ humble we try to stay…
But very aggressive on spreading the Gospel…
And how ” rural ” Kenya is where God has called us.

We have started 3 New Churches
Namwechula –  Pastor Moses Mahati
Mile Nane’ –  Pastor Charlie Kwam
Matisi –  Pastor Benson Simiyu

*please know…I know I spell things wrong, grammar
stinks and I don’t care, should…. smile …but :

I could write the Testimonies of all of them…but today :
Pastor Charlie Kwam :
Charlie came here from Lodewar
He came to work for the ministry and very very grateful
for a job…with money for his family, a home for his family,
clothes for his family….
For even today, in his tribe, you can find people that
can not afford clothes.  It is nomadic, in the desert conditions…
very very hard.
Being from that tribe, his characteristics are of a hard creed…
in work ethics….if they say they will do something , you can
try to stop them…but you will not.
They will kill over cattle and protection of their provision.

Charlie has all that in him, but he is one of the most
MEEK , not weak man I know….a Stanley Tam type..smile.
He is a man with a true heart after the LORD…..
He has a heart after people….for the deepest spiritual reasons.
He walks the paths weekly to search for the lost, to help the
needy….to listen and engage in their lives.  A true shepherd.

So after years…..of faithfulness to the LORD in
a. watching the land
b. watching the cattle
c. wheel barrowing speakers, setting up what ever..

God has positioned Charlie to be the Pastor in
his own church Mile Nane’ !!!!!  So neat to watch.

Benson and I sat down last nite again…..
He said, Mum…there are things you need to understand
in Kenya we are very tribal.   If you are  here, the church is
ran from their tribal beliefs…. If you are there…..etc.
Going into detail some of the tribes beliefs, the tribe that he is
from …etc.
Charlie’s tribe is an outcast in Kenya….they are the low of the
low….” why are you even working with this man  ? ”   They can
not believe he is in our ministry.  They look at him as unclean….
dirty,   not caring….”low “…..
So, Benson has to work beside him, until they quit looking on
the outside and look at Charlies’ heart.  So that they see who we
know….. Charlie is a little younger than me….he has carried
everything and anything for me for years….helped me over
many ditches,  mud paths….and Benson can not, can not put
his name on anyone more than Charlie….
He told Charlie,  ” dress clean, do not do anything that goes
with any tribe in our church ”  ( for people will be looking
at what to complain about, or judge or use, or what ever
We are going into the Mile Nane’ area tomorrow with our
Crusade…..for the main reason :
A.  To share who JESUS CHRIST IS !
B.  For God to call them unto HIMSELF !
C.  For people in that area to watch…. hmmmm.
The Pastor on the flyers = Pastor Charlie KWAM
Lodewar  – tribe….
The Pastor on the flyer =  Pastor Benson Simiyu
Matisi – tribe…..
The Ministry – UnReined USA =  Muzungu
tribe  – ??? ……
And look at their worship team……consisting of many tribes
And look at all that come….consisting of many tribes….


*  we witnessed this in Namwechula….they were judging there…
but differently…. we came….HE CAME…..
” we will come to your church, we see what it is ”

IT IS JESUS  ……..in the name above every TRIBE
in the name above every Name

Pastor Charlie, will give them exactly who JESUS IS…
that I know….and they will see and be drawn unto salvation.

Please pray for us tomorrow
Please pray for them tomorrow !


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