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Acts 4: 8
“ Then Peter , filled with the Holy Spirit,
said to them: “ Rulers and elders of the people !
9. If we are being called to account today for an
act of kindness shown to the a cripple and are asked
how he was healed,

, you and all the people of Israel: It is by the
Name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, who you crucified
but whom God raised from the dead, that this man
stands before you healed.”

It has been stirring in me…. the complacency of
taking people straight to the name of JESUS, straight
to the person of JESUS….to not shy away from saying
His name deeply.
1st – Peter vs. 8 – was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT…
That to me is the evidence of “why” Peter took them
straight to JESUS CHRIST…because the HOLY SPIRIT was
leading them….
not his flesh of “worry what they think”
not his flesh of “self first”
but the Spirit is always, always JESUS FIRST.

It was to the rulers and the elders – then an
explenation mark ! It was a profound statement…
that Peter “ went in to those some would not “

Then he made the statement it was an “act of kindness”
( putting it mildly )…..but then again….Peter
went into the black and white….” how he WAS HEALED “
making it very clear…” something happened that man
can not do “….

* do we use the instances to show others that GOD HIMSELF..
2019 is doing things that men can not do ! He does things
in our lives that give us an OPEN DOOR, to proclaim that
HE IS GOD….and we do _______________? We might
acknowledge it silently in our prayers, “ thank You, JESUS”
and mean it…. but in front of others…. “ guess what
happened that was amazing” but NO JESUS ?

Then Peter goes into how they were the ones that
crucified JESUS….it is BY THAT NAME~ THAT JESUS ,
” whom GOD rose from the dead that this man stands
before you healed.”

* we don’t even think of pointing out others faults…
or showing them the black and white….against JESUS
* we do in all other realms…..Govt. – Politics –
Our opinion…..authority, rights, women, men, bosses,
what EVER…we will say it LOUD and CLEAR….have no

but state truth as truth
take individuals straight to JESUS in all areas
to all people…?

vs. 13 “ When they SAW THE COURAGE of Peter and John……..

“that they had been with JESUS”

Filled with the HOLY SPIRIT vs. 8
The Power of God – evidence of healing through them vs. 9
Took them straight to JESUS CHRIST vs. 10
Told truth of right and wrong vs. 10
Took them to salvation vs. 12

vs. 20 “ for we can not help speaking about
what we have seen and heard.”

They let them go…” because ALL people were
praising God for what had happened.”

so let us think….how is it any different in
2019 ?

Do we desire God to use us in miraculous ways …
Speaking HIs name, talking of salvation…so
that out in the world people can not deny and so much
so that “all the people are praising JESUS “

Can you imagine SOLD OUR PRAISE….in your work place,
at your family gathering, in LaCharreada?

We don’t need practice to bring praising…
We need the movement of JESUS to bring praising

so let us think….the next time we stand for what
ever, speak freely about our views on….and
feel we should be silent about JESUS…JESUS
….” for we can not help speaking
about what we have seen and heard.”

we can not help………
we can not help…….
we can not help…… The Mighty Name of JESUS !

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