To know your calling ~ is ~ to know your passion…..


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After the last 1 1/2 years of “ wandering “…
in UnReined…in my own life…etc.

God has really been honing in …

2 days ago He sank this verse into my heart…
as if a “tattoo” …..

Proverbs 21: 13
“ If a man shuts his ears
to the cry of the poor,
he too will cry out
and not be answered.”

Every word of this screamed to me…
Every word of this was a band box to me….

Because I HEAR THIS…deeply
It is not about ME…
it is about GOD OPENING MY EARS to the poor.

It is a verse to all….
but another maybe a verse on the sick…
but another it is hard for the rich…
but someone has to reach them…..

I could go off on the verse about the poor…
but that is only because they are, “my passion”
I could tell you that God knows they are poor.
I could tell you that there are fleshly reasons why they are poor.
I could tell you there are things they could do to get themselves out…

But, I don’t see any of that …..seriously…
I only see their needs…and ask GOD to show me the “ HOW “

For awhile ~ it was my little family…Tug ,Gabe + Rock
( that is forever) and now Grandkids…
then it was Marimor
then it was Temple
then it was Teens For Christ / North Park
then it was my Mom + Dad
then it was Africa
then it was Southern Ohio…

Our passion and calling can change….
but our passion….now,
to me…is our calling NOW….

I say that to ask….. you…
WHAT DO YOU SEE DIFFERENTLY right now than others ?
for the sake of The Lord
in the power of The Lord
and in so doing you will be in HIS ANOINTING to do so .”

Your anointing, where you will see HIS POWER and YOURSELF COLLIDE.

and that is where YOUR PASSION is drawing you to.
He puts HIS desire in our heart, it then becomes our desire…
that is where you will see the HAND OF GOD.
that is where the manifestation of HIMSELF will explode….

it doesn’t matter where….it matters WHO…
JESUS CAME to die for individuals, people…
Lima, Southern Ohio, Africa – the poor….

The sick
The Rich
The Lost
The Chosen Disciples
Who are you called to personally ?

Don’t ignore your passion…..let it draw you to the ones
God is desiring to REACH….unto salvation.

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I have noticed changes coming into our life.Accepting change is not always easy for some but we will do it together. Amen

God Bless you all!

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