….Today from Debs’/Gods’ …. Worship Workshop…..


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About  Worship:
 Justus~ It’s not just a talent but it’s a ministry, its’ serious
Karanga ~ That it’s a serious thing to be a worshipper
Andrew~ Loyalty is vital , it is spiritual, he never knew this
Dorcas ~ We have to respect others
Lilian ~ that being faithful is important + to read His Word

Spiritual Warfare thru Worship

Dorcas ~ about the Throne of God
Karanga ~ satan is trying to enter peoples mind, not to wait on somone
                       else on the team to respond, but to do spiritual warfare
Justice ~ to get negativity out of his life, he has to be a full time worshipper
                  the devil is not pleased with his position
Andrew~ worship distracts the enemies and his purpose
Lilian ~ demonic forces that come and her position is serious
Dorcas~ we must be serious when we worship
Juma ~ because satan lost his position , that is why he is tempting us
                he is high above satan
Lilian ~ she is experiencing the Kingdom of God

17 came to the workshop, not all shared “today” , smile…
It was amazing to see Deb…..TEACH…..she always wanted to be a
“Teacher”  and now thu OBEDIENCE….she is !!!!
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing…..

She will continue these every day but Friday…
They will receive a “certificate” on Sunday…
Which to them….it is just something else…

Cont. prayers, coveted…….

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