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Is. 9 : 13 b
” nor have they sought the LORD ALMIGHTY ”

Yet, we want to do GREAT things in the LORD
Yet, we want to know what to do next
Yet, we want to know why what we are doing is so hard, so wandering…..

” nor have they sought the LORD ALMIGHTY”

He tells us over and over….if you walk in darkness, HE will show us the light.
If we are living in a shadow….HE will dawn the light.
HE will enlarge our nation, increase our joy….
He will shatter our burdes
He will shatter the rod of our oppressor….

Why ?   ” For unto us a child is born,
to us a son is given, and the government will be on HIS shoulders.”

For HE is called Wonderful  Counselor
For HE is called Mighty God
For He is called Everlasting Father
For He is called Prince of Peace……and there is no end to these……

” nor have they sought the LORD ALMIGHTY”

in your day already…what have we sought ?  Face Book ?
Food…Exercise….T.V…..Kids,  Wives/ Husbands…..

Can they match the list above ?
Can we put …..ALMIGHTY behind or in front of them ?

Later it says…” they will devour  ( not just eat, but devour )
and still, still be hungry”
Later it says….” they will eat, but not be satisfied”

” nor have they sought the LORD ALMIGHTY” …..

Today….what are we trying to “do for the LORD ”
yet, we have not sought after HIM ?

Today….we live our lives “labeled Christian”

” nor have they sought after CHRIST”

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