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One lady, very tall,  had her scarf wrapped ever
so ”  stylish ” on her head….nothing matched, but
she still in an African way looked ” smart ” as they say !

We had Q. + A.  – I started by asking what is tough
about being married in your culture ?

1  1/2 hours later !

This single lady stood up with an amazing little
bit of cockiness in her Swahili,  a beautiful smile…
( I didn’t write it at all, so it won’t sound like
they talk…really sorry, but thot it would be
rude to pull out a pen , had to LISTEN )

On my side,  we do not have houses…..we have
only those little round huts.  We do not have clothes.
( as she pulled out the skirt she had on )  She said,
” right now “…..we do not have clothes…we put on
animal clothes.   “I look at this ” and she walks over to
Dorcas’ hair,      ” and I think it is a miracle”…
( she smiles so big ) ….
“but look at me,  I look smart.”
( and all the ladies start to clap and laugh )
(She literally is beautiful by anyone’s grid. )

“We do not have Dr.’s…..God gives us the eyes
and we see,  we treat with herbs, but we are not
witch dr.’s.  We do not have roads……”
” we do not want what you have, we like the
way we live,  nothing you have, do we want ”
( she would move her arms,
walk around….she drove her testimony….)

Then she went to asking if we could help….
but it got fuzzy in the interpreting….we made sure
we understood her completely…to this :

Her child has Cerebral Malaria…….
” Could we all not gather together and help in some
way ? ”  ( as she drew a circle with her arms to come )

They cont. to explain that the type of Malaria
effects the back of your brain ?
” The bill is  92,000 shillings.”         $ 1,082.00 USD

The lady 3 chairs down…. has the goiter that
takes her entire neck.   $  250.00 USD
I am not asking for more money…at all……

I am just inviting you in to what is here, tonite…on
our land in Liyavo.
Just asking for prayer,  for God
to these people…  that sit with their Bibles….
put their children ………
well this child probably doesn’t have a bed.

To say, ” welcome to Kenya ”  as we do so many times
with so many things….
Tonite,  “Welcome to Kenya….just kind of haulted ”

I sit and think, what if it were Gabe, what if it
were Tug…and I was that Mom on Mt. Elgon…and
knew what would save my child….
but it was ” out of reach “………

$ 1,082.00 =   1  1/2 yrs, for a Teacher to make here.

Where she lives they pay in goats and animals…etc.
Some times it just stops you in your track….
And I ask the LORD…..” now what ? ”

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Wow. She doesn’t want what we have or need what we have, but the unconditional bond of a mothers love transcends language and needs no interpretation. May God provide a way, somehow, as only He can, to manifest his glory!

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