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Posted on April 25,2020 under Uncategorized

Deut. 31:6
“…..He will never leave you or forsake you.”

I don’t know why this came into my mind this a.m.

So, our property in Southern Ohio…..
At “THE TOP” you get this amazing view of
The ravines, the trees way over on the other ridges,
you can see all the trees, through the trees in hopes
to see deer,
you can see rocks, you can stand in Marilyn’s Moment,
you can see the tops of trees, and
you are on the level of the birds…. love it.

Then you start to walk down….

You get to see the side of the hills…
deer tracks, snake holes, plants, animals
taking off, leaves, sites of the different
levels going down even further, start to
see the creek, hear it better……love it

Then you get to the bottom….

You are at the creek
The trees are big, you have to look up..
it is more lush, it is cooler, I even
put chairs to sit at Ed’s Moment and absorb
the height of the hill, the curve in the
terrain, you can be in the creek,
more deer tracks….love it

Where ever we are at in life….
My Mom’s death
My Dad’s death
Kid’s having a blast
A Divorce
A Marriage
A new job
Laid off
I have been on food stamps
LaChareada…eatiing chips and salsa….

I have truly come to know….
It has a first step in…
and, it will have a last step out..
and in the middle steps…HE IS THERE….

In fact we can learn so much that when
we are at another level again ?
It won’t effect us in the same way.
We learn at each level
We can actually have great peace in each level
It can take us down but not out at all
Even lay there a moment and absorb it all , it all
that God Himself is saying to you.
Get up…and walk on…..not denying..
but taking lessons learned…
Keeping our eyes wide open…to all
all that is around us… each level….

Rock and I take that walk many times…..
Absorbing it all in the journey down the hill
Absorbing it all in the journey back up the hill
God is in it all……..

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