….Tore up a $20.00 bill……in Kenya !


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1620 shillings….to them….torn in two…… their faces…..
” how many shillings is was that ?”  
Their eyes said, ” do you know what that could of boughten ?”
The WORD says….” silver and gold have I do not have, but what I do have
   I will give you, in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, walk !”

And so the Leadership Meeting went…..will we cont. to trust shillings.
Or will we SPIRITUALLY LEAD……” seeking GOD ALONE first …in AFRICA ?”

Testimonies :  What they are or have trusted in God alone for :

Boss –  Trusting God to be a contractor
Joseph Miner – Live a peaeful life with everyone,  now I am, even back home
Dennis – Live at peace with man, never did I expect this would happen to me.
David – Since the accident ( he is a real older man ) that I lost my Father, how would
                I make it or live?  But God is helping me , providing for me each and every
              day.  Thanking He has brought me back to His Word.
Nancy –  Since I got married, my relatives w/ husband has not been good, they came to see me
                  yesterday and invited me to come and see them.

Pamela – I thank God before coming to this church I had no peace.  Also I am living at peace with
               my husbands family.
Moukoot – I am at peace – 2 days I had bad stomach….I was about to go home ( die ) but I told God
                I am not going.   I am up again and here today at church, I thank the LORD.
Ann –  Wonderful day to be able to see.   for what He is doing.  I have been working as a maid
             in others home.  Now believing God will give me my own work.
David –  When I got save, I joined a big church 5-800 in Nairobi, very hard to share my testimony.
             Just to even clean church, was hard, because they employed people to do so.  Believed
             one day God would give me a chance to serve and I shifted back to this area.  I could not
             believe when I was asked to share the foundation Word of God.  From the pulpit they let
             me share… MY dreams were actualized.  I thank God for that.
Pastor ? –  Leader of 4 area churches…I asked God , ” why did you send me to them, they
               can not even to give and offering.”   God, ” I sent you there to be their servant”
                  I had to agree .   When I started differently between leadership.   Between those
               called and those that send themselves.   I see the Word of God , the people inside
                the Word of God and those outside the Word of God.  My daughter called me last
                  Saturday….she said that her husband had been washed away in the flood.  I told
               if she was praying he would be found, he would be found.  His body is being transported
                 to this area.  I thank the Living God, may He bless you.
Andrew –  Trusted God to make me stable, and He has…in my Christian walk.
Justus – He saved me from being killed , ( when they came in and opened fire on a shop he
                 was in…..literally bullets flying )  Justus walked out unharmed.  When I left prison
                 I was “0” , my  life was flat. I started to learn and trust God.  Nothing was happening
                 Trust Him.  Rival in my business, they came and took everything I had.  God has
                been teaching me to trust.  I went back home and I can still walk with something.
                ( JUSTUS is sending home prints that he paints…AMAZING…seriously, if you want
                  one,  for a donation that will go STRAIGHT to JUSTUS )   amen.
Mary –  I use to be a weak woman in front of my husband.  God is helping me.
Kathyren – I use to be sickly – all the time, now in my home no sickness.  I came to this church
                and learned how to pray.
Lilian –  From my youth to this day….My Aunts told my father not to pay myschool fees.  
             As they had never finished school.   It was a waste of my fathers’ time and money. 
           I started to pray as a little girl for my school fees.  My Dad always cleared every
               time, they never came to me to collect fees. I thank God.
Antonia –  Since I broke my leg 7 yrs. ago ( still on crutches hobbling ) ….God has been
            providing.  I did not believe anyone could help me.  I would sit in my house with
              nothing.   God would bring me something.  God provides for me.  I believe
              I will walk on my legs.
Moses –  Time my mother was very sick just for one day. parylized….mouth twisted…we
            prayed. in one week she was totally healed.  I believed she would learn to trust
             God for herself and to go church.  She started and still is.  ( teacher of our school )
Beatrice –  I use to work in town.  I bought a small plot.  My sister said I stole for the  money
           to buy it.  My brother called the cops on me.  Police never came.  When I came
              to this church, now I have money to buy metall sheets for roof.
Moses – I went to work today and thought.  I get this benefit at work.  I left work today
           knowing the benefit would be here.  I know I will walk away with something more.
           I believed God for a plot…..I bought a plot of land.
Charlie –  Something very hard in my life. I had no father to pay for my school fees 
            ( he is our older watchmen of our land )   Believing God I got saved.  First gift
              I received was my school fees were paid for. 
Dorcas –  My Dad was very sick not eating and could not wake up.  Now he is up and working.

That was today…..they are humble, amazing and so so so hungry for JESUS CHRIST, amen.
I am blessed to be in their presence…and HIS….amen.

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What amazing, amazing, testimonies! To God be the glory!!!

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