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My Dad’s younger and only brother died today….
He was killed in a Motorcycle wreck….
He was 81 and still ” riding”   ~  yep, that would be ~  Uncle John….

He was just a really neat Uncle to me …..
He was the President of the Ford Proving Grounds in Arizona…
and we would go out there…
he would take us on a “test drive”…on the tracks….
we were going over 100  mph and he took his hands off the wheel !
the centrifugal force kept is “on the track”….
Mom was screaming….I was loving life….

He took us on a strip of where they tested shocks…
Cigarettes were flying out of the ash tray….
He would be flying and ask us if we wanted to go on the strip…
Where they tested the breaks…
“What do you think Marilyn said ?”  ….. we didn’t !

Or asked us if we wanted to to through two brick walls…
Going 100 mph…. where they ~ cool the cars down… we didn’t !

He took me on a road….out in the desert…..
I over his shoulder… and we were going over 90 mph..
on his motorcycle.!!!!!…..
Then he put came to a stop and my helmet literally… hit ~ his…
I just laughed and laughed….on that RIDE….

He let us use their “cabin on a lake”  in Michigan…
He gave me the keys to their ” speed boat ” ….
With no second guesses ~ I thought I would ruin it…
but once I drove it….you got it….it was amazing…

Gabe &  Tug learned to swim that summer…
To past the test they had to swim to Uncle John’s boat !
( Kid Rocks’ parents now own that cabin !)

He lived in Argentina….my brother Jim got to go there and
spend time with him….I just thought that was so neat….

He tried to get Rock into Ford , in Lima…but Rock had HBP.
Honda hired him…and so the talks between Rock and Uncle John…
Would go on….What Ford was doing…
What Honda was doing….but it was neat too !

He brought back our Uncle Boogies gun to Rock and I…
It is hanging in our house…..a relic !

Gabe & Tug…would love to see ” what car ~ Ford had him driving”
when we would pull into Mom and Dads’ …..
” ahhh man…”

He lived in Sedona , Arizona…where the RED ROCKS are..
a beautiful back yard, of bird feeders…Red Rocks.. and sunsets…

Most of all, it was just how he talked to me….
It was how he would listen to me….
It was how he loved Nascar, racing…motorcycles…and speed…..

It was his girls…Angie, Claire and Jane…..
My cousins and how much FUN we had growing up…
Far in distance….but just close.

I got my temps for a Motorcycle
I love to be in our boat
I love our cabin….and one time I told him…
” you started it…smile”

I am so glad this past summer ….we took him to our cabin…
and he just loved it….again, it was that connection….

It was listening to Dad and him, tell of their childhood…
The different angles of each story…..

Lately…he took an amazing  motorcycle ride…..with his friends…
I forget…but like up to the North West….and back…
I just thought….” you have got to be kidding me…”
but then,  that was ” UNCLE JOHN”…

He was Uncle John…and now he has seen JESUS….

He owned a ” Gold Wing motorcycle” ….
Now he is on streets of gold.
Thank YOU JESUS…for Uncle John….
and his salvation !

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Your uncle was our best friend in the whole wide world and was my husband’s best motorcycle riding buddy. They rode near and far often with another friend too. One time they were stopped at a gas station and were asked to pose for a photo, as the guy taking the photo hoped he and his son would be still riding when the age of these three “old farts.” They had such great times together. Gerry, my husband, will be lost without John in his life, as will I. The Sunday morning bike riders just won’t be the same without John. But he’ll be there in spirit with them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with everyone. The world was a better place because of your uncle. Much love to you. God bless.

Hi. I was so, so very sorry to hear about John. I knew him from the Community Center in Sedona where he delivered Meals on Wheels for years, plus did many nice things for people along his way. I interviewed him a couple of years ago for their newsletter and got a nice overview of his life. And even though he had a bad accident years ago, he got back on the bike and just kept riding. Somehow it helps to know how much he loved riding. He’ll be very missed for a long time.

I had the pleasure and honor of being the 3rd motorcycle rider on the Northwest trip that you refer to your Uncle John taking with his friend Gerry. I met them in Seattle and we rode 3000 miles thru the mountains together. He was an amazing person as well as excellent rider. I was truly blessed to have met his wife and some other members of his family. During my visits to Sedona, Gerry, John and I took many other week long motorcycle trips. But, more than the beauty of the trips it was the gift of getting to know John and becoming his friend. I will miss him dearly but know that he lived life to the fullest and loved his family above all. I know he is now resting peacefully with the Lord. If there is a winding road in Heaven, he is on it.

Thank you Betty and Franklin for letting me know more about John. A thrilling story. I hope his accidental death was quick. My neice & spouse in Montana ride their motorcycles all around the U.S.
My son, Martin & Mel and Oliver (6) live in Prescott and took me to visit Sedona–a special place.

Thank to the fine son and nephew of John who wrote this wonderful piece about his Uncle John, my brother-in-law. We will treasure it because it captures this wonderful man.

In visiting Sedona on a side trip last Wednesday, it was a beautiful serene day, then suddenly I had the unfortunate moment to pass by the accident aftermath. I saw an unknown victim and I felt helpless, yet yearned to know more, thus I came upon your tribute. Your tribute brought comfort to knowing that John lived a full life and shared the same with family and friends. Who could ask for more? May he rest in peace and comfort of a loving family.

My grandparents met John and Leetha in Argentina (my grandfather worked for Ford). When they would make trips back to Michigan, they would stop by and say Hi. I always loved getting to see them. John could put a smile on anyone’s face. He will be missed by my entire family. Our thoughts are with Leetha and your family in this difficult time. Thank you for sharing.

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