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12 Days in…..
255 Salvations……… and “Houston we have internet ”

Benson’s computer – “Mum, if you hold a bulb to it you can
see to type “…. My computer could not get ” their orange ”
to boot it up….So, the man at the shop..”take this one and
I will take yours (Benson’s) to Eldoret…..

No nutshell versions of what all has happened….
To jump start the trip…before I left in Lima…
Stanly Tam lead at the AGE OF 99….
at the AGE OF 99 someone to the LORD…

I just want to tell you their stories :
We walked about 3/4 a mile to a small one room mud home.
On one side of the “foot path” to it… is a 2′ ditch…
on the other side solid bushes….
to Benson – ” how does Ann get to church ?”

Ann came to church last year in a wheelchair….
I thot her legs were amputated at the knees…
My heart went out to her…
to walk to church here…
Let alone be in a wheelchair and no legs ?

Jenn Snyder (shhh) smile….wanted to “help someone
in AFRICA…. ** ANN !!!! *** Jenn gave me some items
to bring to her….so off we walked to her home…

Benson told me last year, ” Mum, you can
only stand when you go into her home, there is nothing.”

You who have given, we bought her a bed and a “love seat ”
And that is WALL to WALL furniture !

She greets us from the dirt floor full of JOY !

To my surprise….her legs are there….they are limp and
curl underneath her body ! She drags them on the dirt
floor. Takes her arms and lifts her body the loves seat.

Her legs have been paralyzed since birth….

Ann : ” I am really grateful for what she ( Jenn ) is doing.
May she continue to have the same spirit of helping the needy.
Thank you very much. Thank you for the food in my house.”

What have you learned in church ? ” I have learned a lot
in church. It is thru the power I live. I have been
sustained by what I know in God. We have learned to love
God and love each other. We should not be people of pride
but always be humble.”

” Sometimes back I did not see a reason for my living. But
I know now there are people who love me and I have hope again.”

Robert, her 23yr. old son Robert really loves her and takes
care of her. He is the one that wheels her on the path, carries,
lifts…what ever ! Ann also has a15 yr. old son , Dankan
…18 yr. old daughter,Centrean.

The father ? ” I use to live with him. Because I was not
working, he ran away because we could not pay the bills. So
he ran away and married a lady with legs so they could help
each other pay bills.”

“I got saved at 20 yrs. when someone was preaching. I am now
45 yrs. old.”

What are your struggles ? ” Sometime back, it was food and clothing
Since she has started to help, I see the problems going away.
I use to be sick, but now I am not sick.” My son is in standard
6, learning at the school of Loohrey. I paid 200 shillings.
He has to stand to learn. I need 600 shillings to buy his desk.
(done )

Biggest blessing ? ” The Word of God is the biggest blessing,
it helps me with people.”

Do you have a Bible ? ( with her hand over her mouth..she
shook her head no )

Today…we bought her a Bible.

Ann lives in ” raw dependence ” on God…
as should we all.

Thank you for your PRAYERS….

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Love you! Be careful!

good to hear from you

I’ve been waiting to hear your updates! I knew it would be good! Praise God!

Awesome stories about Ann and Robert. So many people need love, and it’s awesome that you are getting to show that and provide that to people (with others help). Thanks for the update! First day of Khmer school was today, that was fun 🙂

What wonderful testimonies be encouraged and steadfast with His Love.

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