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Can’t seem to get back on Ohio time……
       Our trip to Matisi this year was incredibly different…..
Seeing the land for the 1st time….
Benson, working with great fortitude to build the actual church….
        when no one would help…..he continued by himself.
        when no one from the church came…..the drunks helped…..
186 salvations………
        God drew each one to Himself…..
                  You humbly respected, revered and seen HIM doing this….
The Church – not only in structure, but with new individuals – was being built. 
                 3 days before my Mom died…Jentzen Franklin prayed with me…
                these were his exact and only words :  ” Go build the church ”
It took you back to see GOD alone – doing this….in many ways this trip. 
Praying individually with the school chilren and orphans…
           Them whispering their requests….not a toy….
                  “but for their dad who worked all day and his boss would keep
                 the money and now they have no food”
Soccer Tournament….. ” could you please give us a ball ( the runner ups)
                  we practice with out a ball….just run and pass as if we do”
  ( without knowing,  Benson, got a ball for their prize ! )  Thank YOU JESUS ! 
Each day of 31 was orchestrated by the Lord….
    ” As you came into our home ( on Evangelism day ) I will continue
to do what you did in mine….I will go into homes and tell them about JESUS ”

We gave bags of maize…so they could cont. to eat….
We gave them Bibles…..so they can cont. to feed  off of HIM….
     ” I wrote down every verse and went home and studied them, thank you ”

Some walked miles and said, ” we heard your church was passing out Bibles”…
  ( we had no more….. ) 

96 individuals walked around the 5 acres praying, singing….it looked like the ones that
walked around the walls of JERICHO…believing, truly believing…. GOD was with them…
it sounded, it looked, it felt and you knew, HE was truly there……

Giving Benson at the age of 35 – his first set of wheels –
     a motorcyle / dirt bike….. to make him
    ” mobile on his own “- and knowing he will use it greatly
      as he says consistantly – ” be THOU glorified , oh Mighty King of Glory”

and so today, I won’t be walking 5 miles to go to church…
but getting in our Honda Accord, driving – clean – unmuddied….

but still excited to know…right now exactly those people are
still being fed  = THE WORD OF GOD….
   and I am a little / alot hungry myself !

TYJ —- Thank You Jesus

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Praising Jesus with you today!! I love what he is doing through you!! Love you!!

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