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Been awhile….can’t exactly explain why the quietness
of AFRICA :    It has been anything but quiet
A. Spiritually
B. Physically
C.  In the world

1.  Benson’s Mother ~  Joyce passed away this past week.
She had been diagnosed with Cancer….
Your support helped her to get the treatment she deserved.
Benson and Dorcas – one of their peace, was that they were
able to give her the care she needed =  THANK YOU !
2.  We are starting  ~  3 MORE CHURCHES !!!!!!! this month !!
a.  One in Matisse –  30 people traveling 5 miles to come
to church in Liyavo – so we are taking it to them !
b.  One in Namwechula –  Where we purchased land in
the hills where Dorcas grew up !
c.  One in the land we purchased from Benson’s Mom !
( kind of a neat tribute/honor/legacy )
3. We are sending men and women from our church to start
these MISSION POINTS…trained and equipped w/ JESUS CHRIST !
4. We are supporting ~ 11 employees ~ Payroll of  $ 597.00 a month
3 churches – 1 individual supporting – monthly
Individual Supporters that CEASE to AMAZE ME !


Pray for :

1.  Salvations –  the only reason.
2.  Benson + Dorcas  = cont. divine wisdom, strength, anointing !
3.  The “on the ground in Africa”  ministry + workers
4.  Hearing from the LORD to know
   Clarity from the LORD to obey
    Understanding from the LORD to walk out
    FRUIT from the LORD to AFFIRM
5.  THE TEAM – 2014 as we plan for this years MISSION.

I covet your prayers as there is a fire burning in me….
Not to miss the will of JESUS CHRIST for this call.

May my FLESH be quieted
My SPIRIT be so stirred
My LIFE be given to the ONE WHO GAVE HIS LIFE for all …..

Thank you,
In and for HIM ALONE,

Janelle Taviano / UnReined U.S. + AFRICA !

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Bittersweet to hear about Bensons’ moms passing! Hard to loose a loved one but to know that she was able to get the medical care she needed to assist with her care in her last days, to help manage the pain her last days may have brought is great to hear! And the legacy of the land she used to own to be the site of one of the new churches = speechless! So excited to hear your update Sis Janelle!!! But Jesus…..But Jesus!! 3 more churches…..But Jesus…..you are so on target when you say, Salvations – the only reason!!! May my flesh also be quieted and my spirit stirred to walkout the plan He and He alone has for my life!! Your post has so stirred my spirit today!! Thank you for the work you do for The Kingdom cause! Awesome!! But JESUS!!

Praise The Lord for this report, other than of course the passing of Bensons mom. May The Lord continue to bless your obedience and devotion to Him, your passion to see the lost saved, and your tenderness to hear His voice. Love ya!

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