Walking on the land…………


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Today,  ” Agape Word of God Church” –  Benson and Dorcas’ church….
   In Matisi, Africa ~  walked on THEIR LAND…….( HIS land ! )
                                      ~ prayed on THEIR LAND…….

Have you ever been one place and wish you were another ?
    Our grandaughters Livi and Ava got baptized this a.m. – we had to usher
    Morgan and Reesey played instruments for a Mother Daughter Tea thing, on Friday…

   and the individuals of Matisi –
   Dorcas and Benson…lead their church, to walk on 5 Acres of Land,


Today !

 Some things you sit and say, yeah that happened…
 but somethings just take you back to where it has to “settle in”

Think of how they must feel ?
People who have very little schillings – God gives them 5 acres of land.
Benson and his family – started this orphanage, school, church…
     do you ever think, they would think…. 5 ACRES of GREEN land ?

God sees their heart after Him…
God sees their LOVE FOR HIS WORD…
God sees their humility in their character….
God sees how long they have been devoted to take care of the :

Poor, the needy, the fatherless, the motherless, the widow…
when no one even knew they existed.
God sees them give when their own families have nothing to eat….
God sees them live in a 9 x9 room, so they can be close to the orphans…. 

 1Pe 5:6
“Therefore be humbled under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you in due time,”

Today ~  is a due time…for Pastor Benson, Dorcas, Joyce his mom, the staff….
                   his family – the children , the church…..it is their DUE TIME !

Thank You JESUS !

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