Want Doors Opened For You ?


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Acts 5 : 18
” They arrested the apostles and put them in jail.  19.  But during the night an ANGEL OF THE LORD……OPENED the doors of the jail and BROUGHT THEM OUT.”

What in your life, do you feel there is a DOOR …
That needs to be opened ?
Big Door ?
Small Door ?

Jump down  to vs. 38

” …..for if THEIR PURPOSE or activity is of
39.  But if it is FROM GOD, you  WILL NOT…
be able to stop these men;  you will only find
yourselves fighting against GOD.”

This is the key – to life on earth !
Human origin –  self seeking advancement
FROM GOD –  Kingdom of God advancement

We are choosing the favor of GOD upon our lives…
By our pure and genuine motives.
Which we can hide and look spiritual…but be selfish
at the core.

It is a “self check”…..a deep ” self check”
with an outward effect – that others see.
But, inwardly we know.

An ANGEL of GOD…will open doors ….for us…
if we truly are doing all things on earth…..
FOR GOD…for HIS KINGDOM to advance….

Option – continue in self….doors stay closed.
rid ourselves of self motives…
surrender for GOD to be glorified..
surrender to desire GOD’s work ….
God’s outcome…God’s Advancing…
instead of our self advancing, our money advancing,
our status advancing…and humble ourselves in the LORD.

to not care about our lives…..and just walk in the LORD.
and then PREPARE to see Miracles of GOD happen.

DOORS open that you could never pry with a crow bar.
DOORS open that you have been “looking for the KEY …
all your life ”  but ” self ” has kept it closed.

Pure + Genuine motives for the LORD….
what advances do you want in your life ?

Door closed ?
Door opened ?

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I would be very awkward to enter and exit the two doors most ppeloe expect the door handle for a storm door to match the side for the main door. Imagine trying to open the door with an armful of groceries or bags. As long as you have a good compressible weatherstripping on all 4 edges of the storm door, you have done the best you can to keep heat inside your house. I would concentrate on weatherstripping and put both sets of hinges on the same side.

That’s a crackerjack answer to an interesting question

I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extremely easy for me!

me, but honestly I don’t remember anything about meeting her because I was already SO nervous about her one on one. It’s likely I made a fool of myself, but we’re still friends a year later so clearly

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