What are you talking about ?


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John 3:6
” Flesh gives birth to flesh, but Spirit gives birth to spirit”
11.  ” I tell you  the truth,
we speak of what we know,
we testify to what we have seen,
but still you people do not accept OUR testimony.”

12  ” I have spoken to you of  ~ earthly things….
and you do not believe;
~~  HOW then will you ~ ” BELIEVE”
if I speak of heavenly things?”

~ ” who ever LIVES IN the TRUTH “….

We believe Jesus died for our sins….saving us from hell….
” hands down, if you are saved….it is an absolute ”
We live in that……LIVE…..IN ….IT…..

but what do we LIVE OUT ….in ” our TESTIMONY ”
but what do we LIVE OUT…..in the ” spiritual on earth ?”
but what do we ” talk about ” …and what do we KNOW…

” The Living Word of God ” …it is not a “Book for the shelf ” …..
How JESUS operates…
What the Word of God says we have through Him alone…..

Do we live on earth…….as though HE truly is here….
His wisdom, His insight, discernment, forgiveness,
love,  power,  authority, mind of Christ,  ALL of who HE IS…

” we speak of what we KNOW
we testify of what we have SEEN ”

living in the spirit, gives you deep spiritual eyes…
you experience so much of who HE IS….
you want to TALK of Him….
you want to TALK of what YOU have seen ….

” what have you seen Him do that only HE can do ?”

In and with HIM on earth now…..
HE is JESUS, with us ….
HE is JESUS in the Word, risen, walking on earth,
in Heaven, in the HOLY SPIRIT ….now….in us.

What do we know ?
What have we seen ?
What are we talking about ?


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