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God challenged me yesterday in church with this:
              What capacity am I giving God to fill ?
              What capacity am I –  giving GOD – – to fill ?

A cap ?
A cup?
A truck load ?

The if we expect nothing we get nothing, if we doubt, we fear….
If we have expectation, hope and wonder~
 for the HOLY SPIRIT to fill full ? 
Hope –  do I believe GOD WILL, GOD CAN ?
                do I think my life is just stagnant, stuck in the mud…no hope…
                Who is GOD  to me ?  Why did He arise….then ?
Wonder –  Mind constantly thinks to desire more of God, from God, with God…
                     I tap into the heart of GOD the Father
                      Like the farmers right now, my ground is plowed, ready to be planted
                            it is fertile, for GOD to plant the seed, the fruit HE WILL BEAR…..
                     I am waiting, waiting for the HOLY SPIRIT TO MOVE….

By my own life today….it as if I am flagging down GOD….
   I am cultivating my life with YOU, of YOU, for YOU….
   plant YOUR desire in me…….I am open for planting”

and then, the seed is planted…in my heart….
the HOLY SPIRIT is continual ” LIFE WATER…moving…spring fed”
and the seed that HE has planted  WILL GROW……..

 a cap, a cup , a truckload….
In our lives today…. what are we offering GOD to fill….
maybe the cap is “ON”….
maybe it is a little “water bottle cap” 
maybe it is a cup…..
Maybe it is time to  “BACK UP THE TRUCK” , smile….

Me – it is  81 envelopes….sent to bring in  $ 5,205.00

Little children – who need the love of JESUS
Women – who have been raped and left alone with children – provision
LOST SOULS, dying and going to HELL….needing JESUS CHRIST as their SAVIOR

Truckloads GOD…..please hear the  “beep – beep – beep”
Anticiapting GOD To fill
Hope – ” Let God be GOD and every man a liar”   all power, all Soverign GOD
Wonder –  more of GOD, more for GOD, more with GOD….

a cup…a cap…a truck ?

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