What do you fear ?


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Isaiah 8: 12 b.
”  do not fear what they fear; and do not dread it. ”
you are to regard as HOLY,
HE is the ONE you are to fear,
HE is the ONE you are to dread,
and HE will be your sanctuary: ”

** what in your life right now do you fear ?
seriously ?     Name it _________________________

** how much or many of that is JESUS CHRIST ?
how much or many of that is all human ?

vs. 17  ” I will trust in him”

It talked of many stumbling, many will fall, many will be broken,
many snared, many captured….

It is when we live in,   fear in ….our flesh….
It is when we hear from our flesh, respond in fear from our flesh….
That puts us in line…to fall, to stumble, to be broken, snared and captured…
by who ?

** who controls the flesh ?

” I will wait for THE LORD, I will put my trust IN HIM”

It says that we can be:  ” signs and symbols from the LORD”
our testimony….
our faith….
our lives lived in the Spirit……will show others JESUS.

** question is ….do we really want to show them JESUS ?

vs19 .  ” why consult the dead on behalf of the living ?”

Why do we turn to human ways….that have no spiritual life ?
Why do we enter into humanity…..when we can live in the SPIRIT…
and have spiritual outcome ?
Why do we consult the ways that literally are dead in HIS KINGDOM…
if we truly proclaim HIM AS ~ LORD.

Lord over our lives ?

Then there is only one fear………

” He is the one you are to fear”   vs. 13.

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