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Southern Ohio….. is a place that GOD…
has put deeply on my heart.
AS deep as the Valleys are….
so is the depth of the compassion for
the individuals in that area.

Every life, in every ravine or valley,
Every life on the top of the ridges…
Every life on every dirt road…
Matters, God sees, God loves…God knows.

So on August 5th…
@ 9:00 a.m.
UnReined Ministries will open the doors
all items ~ will be there to be taken
but NO $$$ shall be exchanged.

Many from LIMA + Tennessee…have given…
to the point of Rock and I had to get
2 storage units to hold the blessings !

Some ~ have or are moving ( neat God movings )
Some ~ have lost a wife, a Mom…
( as sad as those are and they are !
they are still
God movings and those loved ones are
Literally IN HEAVEN, Thank YOU JESUS !)
Some ~ have had garage sales and GOD saved some items
for those in Southern Ohio to receive !
Some ~ have sold everything to go to AFRICA to serve
the Lord …and have GIVEN to this cause !
Some ~ have JUST GIVEN , we thank YOU !

This Thurs. evening we will LOAD THE TRUCK
This Friday…We will drive a 26′ UHAUL down
with Chel Brockert Following
* via, Rock can not lift at all until August 24th –
cleared of blood clot in thigh !
This Saturday…we will set up shop in Nelsonville
@ Risen Redeemer Church
This Saturday..We will go to all the area and put up signs in
Glouster, Murray City, Nelsonville, Carbon Hill,
Trimble, and all the surrounding areas….

August 5th, they will step into GOD’S HOUSE and be
Blessed BY GOD !
August 5th, they will be prayed for…
August 5th, they will be invited to come that EVENING
to a Faith and Healing + Prophetic Ministry
August 5th, they will be invited to join
the family of GOD in salvation…
if THE LORD draws them unto HIMSELF.

I ask that YOU would PRAY…
” Prepare ye the WAY OF THE LORD “…..

This ministry, touches the lost
This ministry, takes care of the widow and the poor
This ministry, believes that God is who HE SAYS HE IS

and we will go into the uttermost…
where ever that is
where ever God calls……until HE RETURNS…
in The Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST, amen !

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