What if we ….


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What if we…..
Concentrated on becoming nothing ?

Phil. 2: 7
(JESUS) “but made Himself nothing,
taking on the very nature of a servant,
being made in human likeness.”

What if we concentrated on “Making ourselves nothing ”
instead of :
being heard
proving our point
making our way known

IF JESUS CHRSIT desired to be made NOTHING …
If JESUS CHRIST did the will of God by being made nothing….
If JESUS CHRIST saved humanity through this way..

If humility is the LORD’s character….
Then what should ours be ?
What should we “work on to become ” ?

Nothing…is not standing on ANY rung of a ladder…
even to prove what the BIBLE says…
not even the 1st rung….
Nothing…doesn’t give away the power of GOD…
but it submits to the power of GOD…
not our own power….

The character of humility takes more strength
more effort
more self control
and honestly more power….

Than ” being SEEN in power ”

vs. 7. ” being made in HUMAN LIKENESS ”

Likeness here means ” similar but different ”
taking on the FORM of human beings…
but containing ALL of who HE was , GOD, JESUS CHRIST.

His deity was not seen,
but HE lost nothing of HIS DEITY AT ALL.

Picture where you invision JESUS CHRIST’
most powerful moments on earth =

– kThe manger – HE LAID –

He laid still, not struggling to prove…
not moving Himself forward, not climbing over anyone…

The Cross – HE HUNG STILL….

Not going against the ones who spat on him.
Not getting back, yelling, proving, swinging…


Humility is not weakness
Being still and knowing – knowing – HE will be GOD….

In every situation in our life right now….
What is our posture ? seriously….

Spiritual humility is our greatest strength….

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