” What is impossible in your life ? “


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Mark 10: 27
” And Jesus looking upon them said,
” with men it is IMPOSSIBLE,
but with God….
but with GOD…
but with GOD….
ALL things are possible. ”

1.  What is your impossible ~ right now ?


Write it down,  then put it somewhere that is a
keeper place.   God today,  Nov. 22, 2013  this in my
life seems  ” IMPOSSIBLE ”

In Africa a time ago,  I put HIS WORD on the dirt
floor of the church and STOOD ON IT .
( oh their faces, for they treasure the actual Word of God )

Benson,  ” please explain Mum, why you are doing this ”
and so I said,
” because I stand, stand, stand on the Word of God ”
I stand on it with my life, with my families lives, with
ministries life, for the unsaved’s life…..for spiritual and
our human LIFE ”

Literally take the Word of God….
put spiritual GLUE on it and

not to God…..here God ,  I come to you and leave….
but “WITH GOD”   are you ” with Him ? ”

You know when someone is ” with ” you….
or just in physical ” withness “…. “only there “…….

All of God’s WORD…..is true
All of GOD, you believe……
YOU are ” with HIM” in all aspects….
saturated, breathing, walking, living, trusting, hoping,
joy, consecrated, in your spirit, in your soul, in your flesh…
WITH GOD…..letting God be all of who HE IS….
but with Him in all of it….
Now, what is your IMPOSSIBLE ?
” with GOD all things are POSSIBLE ”
that is HIS WORD….HE SPOKE IT…..
from HIS deepest being, He said,
” with Me/ God….it is POSSIBLE”

Again, where your impossible will end up….
still has to be ” with God ” …..

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