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Look into the life of JESUS……seriously…..

The book of Mark :
Jesus was with John when he was put into prison…..
and what did JESUS DO ?

1.  Proclaimed the good news of God
2.  REPENT of your sins and BELIEVE the good news

Jesus tells us to deal with our sins….there are sins…
black and white in our life –  deal with them, with my blood….
say what you are doing or have done….and do it NO MORE.

BELIEVE…..His Word, HIS LIFE, His death, resurrection, living today….
Believe….” you only live what YOU BELIEVE “….

Mark 1: 22
” The people were amazed at His teaching,

When you hear teachings today….. are we being taught…..
The authority of JESUS CHRIST….today, over satan ?
The authority over what is binding us….controlling us….effecting us ?

Or do we read God’s Word and desire to live in our ” victimization” ?????
We know the Love of God, the compassion of God….
Do we live in the Authority of God…?

vs. 27
” The people were SO AMAZED that they asked each other…
WHAT IS THIS ? A  new teaching – and with authority  ? He even
gives orders….( ORDERS)  to evil spirits and they obey Him.”

The rest of the chapter deals with exactly that :
1.  Walking and showing His authority over satan, demons
2.  People desiring His authority
3. Individuals being healed of bondage, being victimized….

” that is why I have come ”
” that is why I have come”  to go and preach and drive out demons….

From JESUS CHRIST :   ” that is why I HAVE COME ”

” as a testimony to them”   – the authority we have in HIM…
the authority we have in HIM alone…

” as a testimony to them”

If we do not walk in His authority –  do we have a testimony ?
a genuine testimony of who HE IS….
Jesus Christ, in HIS WORD, in HIS LIFE….HE set this up,
He did not even let the demons speak !  That kind of authority…

Shut up in my life….
Shut up in the ones I love,  LIFE….do not speak , YOU have NO AUTHORITY.

People came from every where…..
Why aren’t they flocking today ?   seriously….
We are walking shy of HIS AUTHORITY…on earth as it is in Heaven….today.

If we did this ?
Think of 3rd world countries…..why, why are they flocking ?
Think of the testimonies…..seriously….It is the Authority, the repenting, the Good News

In the fullness of HIS BLOOD ~  today !
Live , Live, Live, Live…..in His Authority…..
Pray in His authority, Believe in His Authority, walk in HIS authority….
Be blessed in Freedom ~  in His authority….

Mark 1: 27

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