~ What would you ask ? ~


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If you /I ,  truly believed that our prayers spiritually
have all of what the BIBLE says they do….in CHRIST ~

”  what would you ask for ? ”

James 5: 15
” And the prayer offered…….

The prayer itself going to JESUS CHRIST…
The prayer :  ( God designed prayer asking JESUS )
” The prayer offered in faith WILL MAKE the sick person

Then He shows us who has the POWER
Then HE shows us,  WHO IS THE SOURCE we are going to :

15. ” the LORD WILL RAISE him up.”

a.  the prayer in faith
b.  the Lord will raise him up

16. ….” the prayer of a righteous man ( we are all righteous
by the grace of God )
….” the prayer of a righteous man is POWERFUL and

Then it talks of Elijah stopping the rain
Then it talks about Elijah prayed and rain came

” What woud you ask for in faith believing ”
God designed us to have this spiritual authority by,
coming to HIM !
believing in HIM !

Would we be so spiritually daring to control the weather
by our prayers to JESUS CHRIST, knowing HE is the One
who controls…He is the source ~  but our prayers are the
check ?

A check is not the source of money ….it just transports it
The source is the bank + the actual money
A check never written –  no money
A prayer never prayed in faith – no spiritual action

vs 13.  ” Is any one of you in trouble ?

I think of Chris Yoder who’s life is literally prayer
I think of Chris Yoder who’s ministry literally is prayer
I think of the belief that she has that they spiritually matter
they spiritually access the THRONE OF HEAVEN
they are God’s design of spiritual movement on earth.

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